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FantASI USB-2 ASI / SD-SDI I+O Adapter

DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter

Extra Long Range Extender Over One CAT5 cable

Transform composite to scaled HDMI video

HDCP compatible EDID emulator

Tricaster 8000
Sophisticated Live Production

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Digital Video for PCI, PCIe, USB-2, TSoIP
DekTec's range of PCI, PCI Express, USB-2 and networked I/O adapters provides core input-, output- and processing functions for digital-video signals. Apply these devices in your digital-video OEM product, or use them directly with our digital-video software to create economic MPEG-2 solutions. All DekTec adapters come with a free software development kit for Windows and Linux. 

A complete range of applications that work seamlessly with DekTec devices. The StreamXpress player and StreamXpert analyser have become the industry standard for no-nonsense playout and easy-to-use analysis. The MuxXpert is a fully fledged operational multiplexer with amazing flexibility. An OEM version is available to add real-time multiplexing to your application.

Latest News
DekTec Releases DtEncode

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DekTec Product Overview
DTE-3100 - Networked ASI Output PoE Enabled

DTA-160 - Gigabit TS over-IP

PCI Modulators
DTA-107S2 - DVB-S.2 Modulator, L-band | DTA-115 - Multi-standard VHF/UHF Modulator

PCI Express
DTA-2135 ¦ DTA-2144

DTU-215 - Multi-standard VHF/UHF modulator | DTU-245 - ASI/SD-SDI input + output

Application Software
DTC-320 - StreamXpert - TS Analyser | DTC-700 - MuxXpert - Real-time multiplexer | DTC-720 - Xpect - 24/7 TS monitoring

DVB-T2 Tool Set
DTV-342 - T2Xpert - DVB-T2 Test Receiver | DTV-378 - T2Xpress - DVD-T2 Modulator

For further information on DekTec products please contact Abby Parsall on 01582 466127 or, Jon Phillips on 01344 724613, 07803 273322 or


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