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BirdDog Mini NDI converter

BirdDog NAB Announcements - BirdDog Mini, Comms and Central

At NAB BirdDog announced a new super lightweight NDI converter- the BirdDog Mini, alongside their revolutionary new talkback solutions BirdDog Comms and a technology preview of BirdDog Central!

BirdDog Mini

BirdDog announced the new BirdDog Mini, a small, lightweight and powerful product. 

The BirdDog Mini is the world's smallest NDI encoder however this small package packs some unbelievable features such as full bitrate 1080p, 60 NDI encoding and decoding, tally Comms and power over ethernet as well as it being cheaper too!

With support for all resolutions from SD right through to 1080p and frame rates up to 60p, the BirdDog Mini is designed for maximum flexibility. With zero configuration, built in tally display, selectable tally borders on loop out and an external tally output option.

Power your BirdDog Mini using PoE (Power over Ethernet), or D-Tap from your camera battery - no need for an adapter (although one is available should you need it).

BirdDog Mini natively supports BirdDog Comms, the best and most intuitive audio intercom system furthermore BirdDog link so you can encode from any BirdDog as well as playout to a TV or monitor. All BirdDog Mini units come with BirdDog Comms free until September 30th, 2018!

By harnessing the true power of NDI, BirdDog have made the world's first Audio Intercom system with live video windows.

Audio Comms

In the fast-paced world of live production, every second counts. By using a Windows enabled touchscreen tablet, the show director has complete lines of communication to the camera operators at their fingertips. BirdDog Comms fully supports Push To Talk (PTT) function, simply push your call button on any BirdDog headset and talk to the group you have been set up in. It's really that simple. Groups can be easily and instinctively managed to ensure everyone is on the right channel.

Comms also works with touch screen windows devices for a tactile experience. The larger windows in Comms can preview and camera source or alternatively be used to monitor the program output form your NDI enabled switcher. Additional Comms supports AJA and Blackmagic devices allowing full-quality output of the large video monitor!

And if that's not enough - Comms is included free with any BirdDog Studio or BirdDog Mini unit until September 30th 2018. In October Comms will then be available as a 10-user license for purchase. 

BirdDog Central

Birddog central

BirdDog Central is the fastest and most convenient way to get content onto televisions and screens. Simply attach a BirdDog Mini or Studio NDI to your screen, plug it into a PoE switch, insert the HDMI into the screen and you can play content to that screen from any BirdDog encoder using BirdDog Link. You can also use the BirdDog media player to play out any video file on your computer.

BirdDog Central is due to ship later this year.

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