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£250.00 (£287.50 including VAT)


HDCP compatible HDMI / DVI EDID Emulator and cable extender

Lightware HDCP MANAGER is a HDMI or DVI EDID emulator, that stores 100 EDID's and emulates the selected EDID to the attached PC computer, DVD Player or set top box.
Additionally it extends HDMI cable length to max 50 meter.

The HDCP MANAGER can trick the HDMI or DVI source ( PC computer, Laptop, etc.) emulating any DVI or HDMI display (LCD monitor, projector) for continuous video output, even if the attached display is disconnected, or powered down. Emulating EDID, the user can set up any DVI output resolution audio capability, regardless of the used projector or monitor, this way the overall system's resolution can be controlled.
The EDID memories 01 to 49 are factory preset, the memories 50 to 99 are user programmable. Memory 00 is transparent, that means, the attached display device's EDID ( monitor or projector) will be reported to the source computer. In this mode the unit works as a simple repeater or cable extender.


Tech Spec

There are no support files for this product.


  • 100 EDID memories 50 of them user programmable
  • 50 meter long DVI cable compensation
  • CEA standard HDTV resolutions
  • Keeps source's HDMI or DVI output continuously active
  • Signal detection LED
  • Source detection LED
  • Monitor detection LED
  • Robust metal housing for rental-staging applications


  • Input: 24 pole DVI-D connector
  • Output: 24 pole DVI-D connector
  • Power: 2mm DC connector


  • Video Bandwidth: 1.65 Gbps
  • Resolution: any DVI single link
  • Cable Equalization (adjusted automaitcally): +40 dB max


  • Power: 9 V DC 5 Watts
  • Power consumption: 1,125W (typ) 1,55W (max)
  • Enclosure: 2mm AL
  • Dimensions: 102,4W x 70,6D x 27H mm
  • Net weight: 175 gramms




There are no support files for this product.