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IE module 100 Base-T Ethernet module with SNMP and NTP function:

The Alpermann+Velte Rubidium series “IE” module is a stand alone Ethernet “mini server”. It´s basic function is the 10/100 Base-T ethernet interface.

This unit offers the users of Rubidium systems the possibility to remotely configure all connected “RUB” Time Code generator / reader and converter modules (via the internal bus connections “TC_link”). Using this interface it is very comfortable to setup and program the system with a Windows/ Mac web browser.

Also the IE module can be upgraded to a NTP time server so that additionally any time base present on the TC_link internal bus, (for example a real-time LTC or real-time NMEA GPS protocol) can be used as a real time source for the built-in NTP Time server.

Other optional functions include SNMP communication of status, data and failure reports.

Included in the standard configuration is a java enabled real time monitoring function, where all connected compatible rubidium modules can be monitored for status and errors.

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) option , available with the Alpermann+Velte Rubidium series “IE” module, functions as an element enabling the interconnected Rubidium Time Code system to be monitored by a centralized network management SNMP software. All status and setup information can be queried via SNMP for every module that is compatible and present in your interconnected Rubidium system. Programmed in accordance to RFC 1065 (also known as SMI version 1) enables a very high compatibility to most publicly available SNMP management software. (Management software not included with Alpermann+Velte Rubidium product line).

The NTP option, available with Alpermann +Velte Rubidium series “IE” module, functions as a fully automatic stand-alone Network Time Protocol server. The NTP server enables the time of day to be extremely accurately retrieved by any computer or NTP compatible device connected to the Ethernet network. Using the Rubi-dium modular systems intelligent TC_link, any available times on the Rubidium internal bus can be used to synchronise the NTP server. Some of these real-time sources include the popular NMEA GPS protocol (from our GPS10MHz Module) or a real-time LTC made available fromby our GT module.


Configuration of RUB modules via Ethernet
Real time monitoring of status
Failure relay
TC-link compatible
10/100 BaseT Ethernet
Optional available features
NTP time server (option N)
SNMP funtionality (option S)

Tech Spec

There are no support files for this product.

IE specifications

Ethernet input/output
10/100 Base-T
RJ 45
Vidoe CD (D, HD)
SNMP features (optional)
SNMP version
SNMP v1 (RFC 1157)
OID (Rubidium Object Identifier)
MIB files available
SMI v1 (RFC 1065 or RFC 1212) or SMI v2 (RFC 2578)
NTP server (optional)
V3, (RFC 1305(, compatible to V2 (RFC 1119)
SNMP (RFC 1769)
Supported NTP versions (as clients)
Max. queries per second
200 (estimated value)
Sync precision
< 10 ms (measured with ntpd 4.2.0-nt)

Operating voltage
12-30 VDC
Power Consumption
max.1.5 W
0.3 kg approx.
Circuit board (WxD) 100 X 160 mm / 3.94 x 6.30 inch
Rear panel RUB1: 103 x 44 mm, 4.06 x 1.73 inch
Rear panel RUB3: 4HP, 3RU
Enviromental characteristics, operating
Temperature: 5°C - 40°C / relative humidity: 30% - 85%,
Enviromental characteristics, non-operating
Temperature: -10°C- +60°C / relative humidity: 5% - 95%,
System requirements
Web browser with JavaScript enabled
Java VM installed (only needed for monitoring)
Abstand IE 1HE draw

Product ordering ID IE module
Ethernet interface for H1 housing
Ethernet interface for H3 housing
Option S
SNMP functionality
Option N
NTP time server
The RUBIDIUM modules must be used in conjunction with a RUBIDIUM housing and a RUBIDIUM power supply, please see our overview leaflet for more information.

TC_link is a modified RS485 interface with a protocol, especially designed for the RUBIDIUM system. All modules can com-municate via TC_link to distribute data like Time Code values, UMID and Metadata system wide.




There are no support files for this product.