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Rubidium Series 1 & 3: AV / DV / HV

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RUBIDIUM Series 1 & 3 AV / DV / HV modules:

The Rubidium series modules ”AV, DV and HV“are Time Code inserters and converters designed for use with three different video formats. All Time Code and data formats are processed by a built-in reader and/or generator which are compliant to the EBU/SMPTE standards for NTSC and PAL video.

All three modules have almost identical features and differ mainly in the type of video that they can process:

RUBIDIUM AV: Abstand analogue video channel (CVBS), monochrome window insertion, VITC Time Code
RUBIDIUM DV: Abstand digital video channel (SDI) digital video channel window insertion, DVITC- and ATC Time Code, Ancillary Data, UMID
RUBIDIUM HV: Abstand (HD-SDI and SDI), window insertion, DVITC- and ATC-Time Code, Ancillary Data, UMID

Modules can be inserted in any order into the slots of the housing. Each slot position has its own address within the communal address of the systems housing identification address. This enables each module to be specifically identified within a bigger system. To simplify the location and identification of a module, alias names can be given to the hard stamped numerical address via the supplied configuration software.
Via our (IE) Ethernet module browser, module configuration, status control and SNMP functions are possible. When any RUB module is inserted into any of our housings, each module is automatically connected to an internal “hot swappable” bus. This internal bus bilaterally connects all modules within that particular housing and can also be connected to other housings & modules via a RLC-plug located on the rear of all our housing models. The RLC-plug contains a voltage feed, a failure relay output and a TC_link interface. TC_link is a real time capable proprietary interface, which is based on a RS485 interface and an Alpermann+Velte user specific protocol. All data exchange between modules occurs via this RLC link. On the rear of every system housing is a PC interface (RS232). This serial connection is used for configuration of the module, status control and also enables software and firmware updates.
Up to fifteen separate user configurable insertion windows is standard. Each inserter window has its own character set, character / windows attributes and source data. This defines e.g. the size of the insertion window, the character size and type as well as the character and mask colour. The inserters specifications can be stored and recalled via the configuration program as a profile. These profiles can be selected via the front-sided backlit buttons or via the serial PC configuration port.

Up to eight character sets from the local characters memory are stored in the RUB module and can be recalled simultaneously for insertion. The (DV/HV) have full multicolour insertions whereas the (AV) modules insertions are restricted to black and white or shades of grey. All insertion are available with and without a mask. Brightness and colour values are separately selectable (where applicable). Character size can be selected between 16 to 72lines (AV/ DV) or 16 to 139 (HV) lines. Transparent masks and flashing characters are also standard.   

Data interchange between modules is possible via TC_link. For example this would allow a generator module to be set (triggered) with reader data of another module, e.g. a VITC value of an AV module to an ATC value to be generated on a HV module. The modules are equipped with the following reader / generator / converter functions: 

All data in the SMPTE/EBU metadata dictionary can be inserted as Ancillary Data. Methods for the implementation of these values are included. Various options for specifically designed or custom broadcast encoded transfers, for e.g. the “monochrome transfer for MPEG” for transporting ancillary data are available and are supported by a optionally obtainable software.

Time Code Reader
Time Code Converter
Time Code Inserter
VITC, ATC, UMID, Ancillary Data
MTD compatible
TC-link compatible

Optional available features

Video bypass relay (option B)

Tech Spec

There are no support files for this product.

AV / DV / HV specification

Video input, loop, output
Format AV
CVBS analougue video signal: PAL 625/50, NTSC 525/60
Format DV
Serial digital video, according to ANSI/SMPTE 259M
Format HV
Serial digital video, according to ANSI/SMPTE 259M or SMPTE 292M
BNC (IEC 169-8), 75 Ohm
Signal level
800 mV ± 10%
DC offset
0.0V ± 0.5V
Digital Data
8-bit, 10-bit
VITC input / output (AT)
According to ANSI/SMPTE 12M-1999
DVITC input / output (DT/HT)
According to ANSI/SMPTE 266M-1994

Standard features of the Time Code generator / reader

Frame rate
Selectable: 24, 25, 30, 30 drop, automatic
Start value for the time addresses/binary groups
Start value for the binary groups
VITC lines (AV), DVITC lines (DV,HV)
Jam-Sync application
Jam-Sync mode enabled / disabled
Time offset selectable
Jam-Sync only time, only user or both
With stop or flying wheel feature


Operating voltage AV module
12 - 30 VDC
Operating voltage DV module
8 - 30 VDC
Operating voltage HV module
12 - 30 VDC
Power consumption AV module
max. 2.8W
Power consumption DV module
max. 4.2W
Power consumption HV module
max. 4.5W
0.2 kg approx.
Dimensions Rub 1 AV / DV / HV (WxHxD)
Circuit board (WxD): 100x 160 mm / 3.94x 6.30 inch
Rear panel: 103(B)x 44mm / 4.06x 1.37 inch
Dimensions Rub 3 AV / DV / HV
19” 3 RU, 4HP
Environmental characteristics, operating
Temperature: +5°C - +40°C
Relative humidity: 30% - 85%, non-condensing
Environmental characteristics, non-operating
Temperature: +10°C - +60°C
Relative humidity: 5% - 95%, non-condensing

Standard features of the video channel
and character inserter

Video channel
VITC (DVITC)lines insert enabled/ disabled
Charakter insert enabled/ disabled
Character inserter (AV)
Video window / position / format selectable
Character inserter (DV / HV)
Video window / colour / position / size / format selectable

Product ordering ID AV, DV, HV modules

CVBS video inserter and data processor module (1 RU)
CVBS video inserter and data processor module (3 RU)
SDI digital video inserter an data processor module (1 RU)
SDI digital video inserter an data processor module (3 RU)
HD/SDI digital video inserter an data processor module (1 RU)
HD/SDI digital video inserter an data processor module (3 RU)
Option B
Video bypass relay
The RUBIDIUM modules must be used in conjunction with a RUBIDIUM housing and a RUBIDIUM power supply, please see our overview leaflet for more information.

We reserved the right to modify specifications without notice.


Vertical Interval Time Code
(FBAS analogue video SMPTE RP 159-1995)
Vertical Interval Time Code
(SDI digital video, SMPTE 266M)
Ancillary Time Code
(SMPTE 291M - 1998)
Internal Communication of values between modules via the front bus




There are no support files for this product.