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XentauriX® Broadcast Logger (XBL)

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The XBL-Broadcast Logger, “Professional” configuration, can be optimized with the Silverlight Edition upon delivery, just as already deployed “Professional” loggers can be upgraded via software. The Silverlight Edition enables exceptionally user-friendly, interactive operation in an appealing design with user-defined interfaces.

User interface

The user interface is designed for easy and intuitive operation. Layouts can be individually designed by the user simply via “drag and drop”. The individual designs can be saved as user-presets either locally or on the XBL main server. By default, the system already includes four different layout presets.

Multiscreen Monitoring

The Broadcast Logger includes a multiscreen layout which can be individually configured by the user (e.g. number and size of the individual TV screens). With this multiscreen layout, an array of live and/or time-shifted TV channels can be monitored. Split-second accurate starting points can be set with the calendar. View live or add a Calendar-Tool to analyze und compare recorded broadcasts. 

Viewing Statistics (TV ratings)

With the X-Rating Chart, you have a module at your disposal with which viewer quotas can be analyzed in the form of a chart displayed together with live or “on demand” TV programs. TV-quota data can be imported and edited from GFK, AGF or Nielsen, and then stored in the XBL master unit’s database in sync with the broadcast(s). (TV quota data access must be directly ordered by the customer.)



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