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Route 16 DVI Sources with 16 Monitors Using the GefenPRO 16x16 DVI Matrix

Simplify the process of routing multiple DVI sources giving the ability to route sources without losing quality or resolution. Route 16 sources to 16 digital monitors using the GefenPRO 16x16 DVI Matrix. The Matrix provides a simple, reliable and highly effective method of streamlining any installation using multiple sources and outputs. It really takes the hassle out of multiple wiring schemes. Four methods are available for controlling the GefenPRO 16x16 DVI Matrix: Front panel buttons, IR remote, RS-232 interface, or using IP control.

How It Works

The GefenPRO 16x16 DVI Matrix has 16 DVI inputs and 16 DVI outputs. Using the supplied DVI cables, connect 16 sources to the DVI input ports on the GefenPRO 16x16 DVI Matrix's input side. Connect the GefenPRO 16x16 DVI Matrix's 16 DVI outputs to the monitors. Plug in the power cord and power on the GefenPRO 16x16 DVI Matrix. The connected monitors will show video according to the routing selection.

Note: The GefenPRO 16x16 DVI Matrix only supports DVI-D although the DVI connectors used have DVI-I connectors.

Tech Spec

There are no support files for this product.


* Increases productivity
* Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200
* Front panel control buttons for local switching
* IP Control
* Serial RS-232 interface for remote control via a computer or control automation devices
* Discrete IR remote control switching
* Advanced EDID management permits upload of custom internal or external EDID settings
* Supports DDWG standards for DVI
* Built-in power supply
* Output masking command
* Standby mode
* Energy Star compliant
* Grounding pin
* IR Sensor
* IR Extender
* Power On/Off switch
* Status LCD (shows routing status)
* Rack mountable


* Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 165 MHz per channel
* Single Link Range: 1920x1200
* Input Video Signal: 1.2 Volts p-p
* IR Extender: 3.5mm Mini-Stereo
* Power Consumption: 90 Watts (max)
* RS-232 serial port: DB-9 Female
* DVI Connector: DVI-I 29 Pin Female
* Rack mountable: 2U rack space, rack ears included
* Power Supply: AC 110/220V (internal) IEC Connector
* Dimensions: 17.25" W x 3.5" H x 12" D
* Shipping Weight: 28.1 lbs





There are no support files for this product.