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XR is designed specifically for colorists, post-production editors, and digital intermediates working with very high resolution HDTV and Dual-Link images. In 2003, OmniTek produced the world’s first native Dual-Link waveform monitor, and the XR raises the performance of this system to a new standard. Recent additions include support for the XYZ colour space in dual-link mode.

System Details

The OmniTek XR is a PC-based system, comprising a state-of-the-art real time signal processing PCI plug-in card plus application software running under the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or XP operating systems.

OmniTek can supply the XR system as card-plus-software only, for the user to install in the PC system of their choice, or alternatively XR can be supplied pre-installed in a 1RU rackmount PC chassis, portable PC with integrated screen, or “Magma” laptop expansion chassis.

The application may be used either in a standard “Windows” mode or in a “full screen” mode in which a selection of windows are neatly tiled to give a clear, uncluttered display. All windows are adjustable in size and colour on the graphics display. The user may also customize the selection and position of windows shown in “full screen” displays.?To maximize the resolution and clarity of the display, the XR can drive up to two DVI or VGA monitors at resolutions of 1920 x1200 and beyond.

The XR features two SDI outputs and an analog component video output for monitoring purposes. Regions of the image with any gamut error may be flashed on the output displays. In addition, cursors and graticules may be shown.

There are a range of options available with the XR system – please see below:

XR System

XRC XR HD/SD eXtreme Resolution Waveform Analyzer in 1RU Chassis
The system is supplied in the OmniTek 1RU PC Chassis. XR is an extreme resolution waveform monitor, for SD, HD and optionally Dual Link HD. OmniTek XR includes real-time composite and histogram displays for detailed colour analysis.
256 times oversampling filters with 18-bit precision give flat frequency response to 30MHz
Real-time waveforms up to 1024 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high, giving “1 pixel-per-pixel” display accuracy
Novel new waveform generation algorithms give user-adjustable, high-quality, crisp displays
All 4:2:2 SDTV and HDTV video formats supported
Dual-link option is available which supports all HDTV 4:4:4 formats and digital cinema “2k” image formats
Real-time composite waveform display from SDI input, using 601 or 709 matrix
Real-time histogram displays in RGB or YCbCr with gamut alarms
Y-R-G-B, R-G-B-Composite, mix and match all waveform and vectorscope displays
Bowtie display and differential filters
Auto video format detect
Audio options (need to be ordered seperately)
* Standard Audio option - 8 channel PPM & 4 group status display
Advanced Audio option - 16 ch PPM, 4 group status, Lissajous, phase meters, analogue monitoring,
External Audio option (AES/EBU) - additional PCI card.
Dolby E option - PPM decode and metadata decode
A/V Delay (Lip-sync) for Dolby E & PCM Relative - requires AA or EA option
XYZ waveforms - convert RGB or XYZ and XYZ to RGB. Requires dual-link option
Gamut monitor display for Y, Cb, Cr, RGB & Composite
Vertical, ancillary and longitudinal timecode reading
Safe area and Safe title generator for Mini-pic, Serial out and Monitor out.
Extended data viewer to decode the H and V Ancillary packets
Serial timing relative to analogue reference
SNMP control & alarms
Includes video breakout cable
Includes video reference cable
Includes full one-year warranty

XRP TQ HD/SD Transmission Quality Waveform Analyzer - PCI card only
The PCI card and software is supplied ready to install in your own desktop PC. Please see website for PC requirements.
The XR PCI card and software has the same product specification as the XRC

XR Options

GMC Allows capture, creation and storage of still images or full-motion uncompressed sequences in any SD or HD video format.
Capture and playout of full motion sequence
Individual framegrabs, repeated frame grabs or an entire sequence of frames
Approximately 7 seconds of HD capture and nearly 40 seconds for SD
Standard VTR transport controls. Variable speed play at 1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x normal rate is also provided.
Note: This option can not be run at the same time as the Advanced & AES/EBU Audio options.

GAD Capture, creation and storage of images and sequences with all blanking areas. Insertion of WSS, Video Index, and VITC / ATC timecode. Includes Motion & Capture option.
Video Index and Wide Screen Signalling data onto the video output.
Raster Video Files - unique capability to capture, edit, and display total raster video frames.
Raster File Editor allows the user to examine and edit the RVF files on any Windows PC.
Note: This option can not be run at the same time as the Advanced & AES/EBU Audio options.
Note: Advanced option has limited functionality when operating in dual-link mode.

GDL Supports both Single-Link and Dual Link operation.
Support for all the SMPTE 372M 4:4:4 video modes, both YPbPr and RGB.
Digital cinema "2k" image formats: 2048*1556 sF @ 14.98, 15Hz, 17.98, 18Hz 4:4:4 RGB & YUV
Linear, logarithmic, and programmable input lookup table functions.
Real-time conversion to 4:2:2 single-link serial digital o/p and vice a versa.
Compatible with all single-link 4:2:2 HDTV formats, with input A/B switch function

708 708 Closed Caption Full Decode option
First 6 Services decoded
Service number and Language displayed under “Caption Distribution Packet”
Caption strings decoded/logged to an XML file and to a Caption Log window

ASB Analogue Sync BNC connector - requires one PCI card back plane slot

Additional video breakout cable with 9-pin mini DIN to 5 x BNC connectors. Providing the following outputs:
RGB, YUV, Composite or S-Video.
Individual H & V syncs and sync on Green.

LTC Miranda "Little Red" LTC to RS232 converter
LTC to RS232 convereter for all OmniTek products

XR Audio Options

SA Standard audio option.
Supports 8 channels (2 groups) of embedded audio PPM, with 20- or 24-bits per sample.
16 audio channels (4 groups) status display
Enhanced PPM meters including peak and hold
Audio error logging

Advanced audio option.
Supports 16 channels (4 groups) of embedded audio PPM, with 20- or 24-bits per sample.
High resolution Lissajous display
Audio phase meters
16 audio channels (4 groups) status display
Enhanced PPM meters including peak and hold
PCM Relative Audio Video Delay (Lip Sync)
Audio error logging
Embedded audio monitoring of user-selectable stereo pair

External audio option (AES/EBU).
The PCI card is supplied ready to install in user's own PC or 1RU chassis.
Incudes the Advanced audio option
Eight stereo inputs 24-bit AES/EBU format, transformer coupled
All standard rates and variable rates up to 192 kHz in both single-wire and dual-wire modes

DA Dolby-E audio option (requires option AA or EA)
Dolby-E PPM decode
Dolby-E Relative Audio Video Delay (Lip Sync)
Full Dolby-E metadata decode with frame checking

SUA Standard audio upgrade to Advanced audio option.

SUE Standard audio upgrade to External audio option.

AUE Advanced audio upgrade to External audio option.

XR Chassis options

RC 1RU rackmount chassis. Monitor, mouse and keyboard are not included.
USB keyboard and mouse required.

LC "Magma" CB2 laptop expansion chassis. Laptop not included.


Tech Spec

There are no support files for this product.

OmniTek PCI Card
Specification PCI revision 2.2
Type 32-bit, 33 or 66MHz bus speed
Size Full length (33cm long)
Power 15W max. (±12V, +5V and +3.3V supplies required)
Bracket Industry-standard size
Analog Sync Input
Connection BNC with 75ohm termination
Return Loss >20dB up to 30MHz
Signal Black with bi-level sync (0.3V pk-pk) or tri-level sync (0.6V pk-pk)
Serial Digital Inputs & Outputs
Connection BNC with 75ohm termination
Return Loss >15dB up to 1.5GHz
Bit Rates 270Mbit, 540Mbit & 1.485Gbit (SMPTE 259M, 344M, 292M)
Jitter < 0.2UI, 10Hz to 100kHz
Analog Monitor Output
Connection 9-pin mini-DIN
Video RGB with bi- or tri-level sync on green, 0.7Vpk-pk video; or YPrPb with bi- or tri-level sync on Y, 0.7Vpk-pk video; or Composite & S-Video (in PAL or NTSC modes) 0.7Vpk-pk video.
Syncs H & V separate syncs, TTL level, positive-going pulses.
Computer System
Processor Intel Pentium-M or Core 2 Duo, >1.8GHz
Main RAM 512Mbyte
Graphics Intel 915 chipset or better. Separate graphics card recommended.
Hard Disk 80Gbyte minimum
Software Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
Ethernet 100Base-T or 1000Base-T on RJ45 connector
SNMP Protocols conform to SNMP version 1.
USB Minimum 1 x Type A connector, USB 2.0
Serial Port RS232 on 9-pin 'D' plug
Video Out SXGA (1280x1024) minimum, 15-pin high density 'D'
Keyboard USB compatible
Mouse USB compatible
Formats 486i / 59.94, 576i / 50 (ITU-R BT.601)
483p / 59.94, 576p / 50 (ITU-R BT.1358)
720p / 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60Hz (SMPTE 296M)
1035i / 59.94, 60Hz (SMPTE 260M)
1080sF / 23.98, 24Hz (SMPTE 274M, RP211)
1080i / 50, 59.94, 60Hz (SMPTE 274M)
1080p / 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30Hz (SMPTE 274M)
Dual Link Option :
1920 x 1080 4:4:4 RGB, YCbCr & XYZ (SMPTE 372M)
2048 x 1080 4:4:4 RGB, YCbCr & XYZ (SMPTE 372M)
2048 x 1556sF / 14.98, 15, 17,98, 18Hz 4:4:4 RGB, YUV &XYZ
Resolution 10 bits per pixel
Error Control EDH checking in SDTV modes; Line CRCs in HDTV
Generators :
Storage capacity 525-line: 1150 frames
625-line: 970 frames
720p modes: 436 frames
1080 modes: 194 frames
NB: Capacity different for full-raster and Dual-Link capture. Call for information.
Genlock Output timing adjustable (with respect to sync input) in clock increments from 0 to 1 video frame.
Audio Performance
Embedded 4 groups / 16 channels (SMPTE 272M, 299M);
48kHz synchronous; 20 bits/sample (SDTV), 24 bits/sample (HDTV);
Dolby-E: PPM and metadata monitoring
External 16 channels / 8 pairs AES-EBU; 110ohm input impedance, transformer coupled;
All standard sampling rates up to 192kHz; 16, 20 or 24 bits/sample
Environmental (Complete systems only)
Power 90...250Vac 47...63Hz autodetect. 300W maximum
Size/Weight :
Rack chassis: 440mm x 430mm x 40mm, 8Kg
Portable: 400mm x 220mm x 300mm, 12Kg
Temperature :
Operational: +5...+35C, humidity <95% non-condensing
Storage: -20...+50C, humidity <95% non-condensing
Please call for specifications on the laptop/PCI-expansion product.




There are no support files for this product.