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Tangent Wave Panel

£995.00 (£1,144.25 including VAT)


Introducing The Wave

A mouse or pen and tablet is not always the fastest or easiest way to use your colour grading software. Wouldn’t it be better if you had something real to get a hold of? Well, the Wave allows you to do just that.

Affordable technology

With the Wave we bring a new level of affordability and quality to control surfaces. The design draws heavily on the experience gained from our highly successful CP100 and CP200 panel ranges. The Wave is not intended to replace these panels, it is just aimed at the more budget conscious user.

Superbly designed

Stylish enough to look good in any grading suite and compact enough to be used for on-set grading, you'll find all the controls you'd expect from a colour grading panel without compromising on the essential ergonomics. The wave features crisp, easy to read, cool-blue OLED displays and custom trackerball units based on a non-contacting optical pickup. With enough buttons and knobs to keep your most needed controls at your fingertips, the Wave will increase your productivity, leaving you to get on with what you're best at doing - being creative!

Sofware that supports the Wave

The following software applications currently support the Wave panel. New apps are continually being added so please check back if your preferred product is not yet listed.

Apple - Color, Please note that Apple Color v1.5 or higher is required.
Assimilate - Scratch (No drivers required)
Iridas - SpeedGrade & FrameCycler (No drivers required)
CineForm First Light  (included within neo4K and neo3D)
COMING SOON: REDcineX for Mac, build 104
COMING SOON: Da Vinci Resolve

Tech Spec


  • 3 x cool-blue OLED displays.
  • Each display is 5 lines high and 32 characters wide.
  • For soft labelling the controls and providing feedback.

Soft Label Parameter Control Knobs

  • 9 x continuous rotation encoders with integral push button for reset.

Soft Label Buttons

  • 9 x buttons.

Function Buttons

  • 9 x Function buttons labelled F1 to F9.
  • For fast access to frequently used functions.

Master Dials

  • 3 x continuous rotation encoders.
  • For Master lift, gamma and gain controls.


  • 3 x non contacting optical pickup trackerballs.
  • For differential lift, gamma and gain controls.

Transport Controls

  • 1 x continuous rotation encoder.
  • For jog/shuttle functions.
  • 5 x buttons labelled with typical transport functions.


  • 500mA max (via USB).
  • Connection Fullspeed USB 2.0.

Host Operating System

  • Mac OS X or later.
  • Windows XP or later.

Note: usage of controls may vary depending on the software used with Wave.




There are no support files for this product.