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FantASI USB-2 ASI / SD-SDI I+O Adapter

DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter

Extra Long Range Extender Over One CAT5 cable

Transform composite to scaled HDMI video

HDCP compatible EDID emulator

Tricaster 8000
Sophisticated Live Production

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If you need help
For immediate help with a problem with a product that you have bought from us please call us on 01582 466100 and you will be directed to the most relevant engineer.  If you did not buy from us we may still be able to help you but labour and parts will be charged for and an inspection fee may apply.  Please call for further information. 

RMA Instructions
If you have been asked to return an item to us please follow the following instructions -

PACKAGING: Please clearly mark RMA# on the outside of the packaging. Damage or loss of goods during shipment is the sole responsibility of the customer. Products must be returned in their original carton or in packaging of equal or greater quality. Appropriate care must be taken to protect the products from further damage or the warranty will be invalidated. Do not use poly chips or paper as filler unless the unit is sufficiently wrapped, since they do not provide enough protection. Please ensure that any circuitry is wrapped in an appropriate anti-static bag. Digi-Box is not liable for any accessories shipped with the unit.

PRODUCT: Please ship only the product specified on the original RMA request, do not include any additional item(s). Any additional item(s) will require a new RMA number.

SHIPPING COST: The customer is responsible for the cost of shipment to Digi-Box and Digi-Box will be responsible for the cost of return shipment to the customer.


4 Allied Business Centre
Coldharbour Lane
Herts   AL5 4UT

Notes:  If units are not returned within 15 days the RMA will be invalid. Items shipped back without a valid RMA number may be rejected.

ADVANCED REPLACEMENT: If Digi-Box issues an advanced replacement for a product an invoice will be raised for that product if it is not returned to Digi-Box under the appropriate RMA within 7 days.

If you have questions, please contact or Tel: 01582 466111.