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30 Sep

Adder - The Broadcast Show

DigiBox is delighted to introduce, live from Adder Technology, ‘The Broadcast Show’.

Each week experts from Adder Technology will take the stage and feature in a short 30‐minute webinar. Packed full of industry trends, the latest technology, useful insights into the world of broadcast and post production each episode will take a different look at how high performance IP KVM is used in the Broadcast industry and how thousands of companies around the globe are already benefitting from Adder – The IP KVM People! ‘The Broadcast Show’ features a series of nine episodes to ensure that there is something for everyone. Each of these episodes are unique and will be featuring panel experts from Adder Technology.

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On Air - The hidden powers of lightweight matrix solution in radio studios

Radio studios around the world have taken advantage of back racking computers for many years. Now studios can take advantage of new technology to increase speed and flexibility to provide that seamless listening experience that the end user enjoys. Join us live in 3, 2, 1... 

On Air (Friday, 9th October, 10am-10:30am CEST)


Get Connected - When software isn't enough for broadcast remote access

In these unprecedented times, it has never been more important to stay connected. But how can you stay connected with your on-premise PCs while the workforce is so distributed? Find out how high performance IP KVM is helping broadcasters gain real-time remote access to critical computers from anywhere in the world.

Get Connected (Friday, 16th October, 10am-10:30am CEST)


Rock solid - Design, Build and Maintain robust KVM systems from broadcast centres

On this webinar our KVM experts show how resilient design and install best practices can help maintain a robust KVM system. We’ll also cover support tools and useful industry tips for broadcast centres who are looking to utilise IP KVM and leverage a single platform for a range of broadcast applications.

Robust KVM Systems (Friday, 23rd October, 10am-10:30am CEST)


The Hero Suites - Supporting dual-head applications is a 4K world

Leading edge visual technology is deployed in 'Hero suites' of the world's most advanced visual effects suites. With software providers developing 4K user interfaces, those suites demand more of KVM then ever before. Find out how Adder has addressed the challenge with its expanding 4K extension portfolio.

The Hero Suites (Friday, 30th October, 10am-10:30am CET)


The Network Effect - Deploying KVM in broadcast centres with distributed networks

While many early IP KVM adopters simply exchanged a switching chassis for an off-shelf network switch, others have taken advantage of the great benefits available if you step back and design a fully functional IP KVM. In this, we share what those benefits are and how you can utilise them with ADDERLink INFINITY.

The Network Effect (Friday, 6th November, 10am-10:30am CET)


Pulling the plug - The real reasons people are replacing their legacy KVM with IP

Large areas of the broadcast sector are adopting IP across their facilities. Faced with rising costs, shrinking budgets and the drive to do more with less, IP is providing the answers to many broadcast challenges. Discover why organizations are moving away from legacy KVM approaches and how you can do the same.

Pulling the plug (Friday, 13th November, 10am-10:30am CET)


VM Where? - Combining KVM and virtualisation in modern broadcast centers

The benefits of accessing virtualized environments via a single KVM are gaining momentum as organizations and software applications recognize the flexibility and growth opportunities. Join us to discover how modern broadcast centers are enhancing their user experience by combining physical and virtual worlds.

VM Where? (Friday, 20th November, 10am-10:30am CET)


Productive people - The ergonomic and performance benefits of adaptive workspaces

Discover the ergonomic and performance benefits of KVM enabled adaptive workspaces. We share how control rooms around the world are reducing mental load for the operators with human-centered design that delivers greater situational awareness. This is your chance to learn best practices from the transport, energy and industrial sectors.

Productive People (Friday, 27th November, 10am-10:30am CET)


Pushing boundaries - Making 5K and 120FPS a reality for IP KVM customers

We all know tech speed and feeds get bigger, better and faster year-on-year. Adder bet on IP because bandwidth availability grows exponentially, but to really take advantage of it, we created our own scalable codec specifically for KVM users. With the introduction of the ALIF4000, 4K, 5K and high frame rate video has now become a reality.

Pushing Boundaries (Friday, 4th December, 10am-10:30am CET)

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