AJA in AV Technology Products of 2022 Feature

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11 Mar

AJA in AV Technology Products of 2022 Feature

AJA OG DANTE 12GAM in AV Technology AV/IT Products that will make a difference in 2022 feature

From beam forming ceiling microphones, mobile display units, conferencing and collaboration systems, presentation systems, streaming devices, PTZs, HDMI cables, displays, to Dante AV; AV TECHNOLOGY has selected 45 AV/IT products for higher ed, corporate, government, museums including the AJA OG Dante 12GAM. 

AJA’s OG-DANTE-12GAM is a 12G-SDI to Dante IP audio bridge. The high-density solution allows users to easily bridge 12G, 6G, and 3G SDI sources with embedded audio to and from the Dante IP audio ecosystem with 64 channels of simultaneous bridging per card. OG-DANTE-12GAM features industry-wide compatibility with openGear frames, allowing for up to 640 channels of SDI/Dante audio bridging within a single standard 2RU frame like AJA’s OG-X-FR housing 10 cards.

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OG Dante 12GAM feature highlights include:

  • Support for 12G/6G/3G-SDI audio embedding to and from the Dante audio ecosystem
  • Dual, and independent 12G-SDI Input and Output ports, each supporting 16 audio channels, totalling 64-channels per card in a compact design
  • 1x Primary and 1x Secondary GigE ports for Dante network redundancy
  • 64-channels of simultaneous SDI/Dante audio bridging per card
  • 2x Internal Signal Generators which enables transmitting Dante audio channels over SDI without having an external SDI source signal
  • DashBoard support for remote signal status and configuration
  • Compatible with a range of Dante software from Audinate including Dante Controller for routing and configuration choices
  • High density and small form factor, enabling 10 cards to be utilised in a single openGear frame for up to 640-channels of SDI/Dante audio bridging
  • Supported within OG-X-FR and OG-3-FR openGear frames
  • Hot swap capable
  • Five year warranty

Dante: The Audio Networking Standard for the Pro AV Industry

Dante audio networking provides digital audio distribution over local and wide area networking with low latency (<1 ms), using standard network hardware or by connecting into a standard network infrastructure. This offers many advantages, including audio system scalability, easier installation, and simplified wiring. 

Dante also allows uncompressed, multi-channel, low latency high-resolution digital audio to be distributed across a switched Ethernet network using standard TCP/IP protocols while meeting the stringent quality requirements of professional audio.

Dante audio is the primary choice for ProAV system integrators and a growing number of broadcasters and is widely adopted by 450 manufacturers offering 2500+ Dante device types.

Current solutions require many devices, or a very high price to accomplish this bridging. DANTE reduces the amount of gear required to perform this bridging function.

DANTE audio provides a redundant infrastructure with two networks, a primary and secondary 1 GigE ports, which provide users with a robust system of audio transport.

DANTE audio solutions also provides a synchronisation solution that is not met by other solutions for audio over IP.

Bridge Between SDI/Dante Sources and Destinations

OG-DANTE-12GAM bridges between SDI sources and destinations with embedded audio to/from the Dante audio ecosystem.  It's your SDI/Dante Gateway.

OG-DANTE-12GAM provides two 12G-SDI ports for input and two ports for outputs, providing single cable support of 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD video material and up to 16-channels of embedded audio support per SDI connection. This enables 64-channels of SDI/Dante bridging simultaneously.

Audio can be bridged, mapped and embedded from Dante sources into each SDI stream or disembedded from SDI and served to Dante destinations using Dante Controller software.

Redundancy across the Primary and Secondary 1 GigE Ethernet connections in OG-DANTE-12GAM for Dante audio, provides security and peace of mind.

The openGear format offers high density with up to 10 cards within each openGear frame.

This all adds up to 640-channels of audio bridging between SDI and Dante audio in a single rack frame, ideal for flykits, OB vans and facilities.

The openGear OG-X-FR frame itself supports redundant power supplies, critical for live environments and constant up time.

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