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11 Jan

AJA Release Control Link Software

Theatrixx xVision Nomad 2.6 Indoor TPEP

The xVision Nomad is a true AV workhorse. Packed with features and housed in a rugged frame, it is the first xVision product to feature Theatrixx’s proprietary TPEP technology. This makes it extremely durable and ideal for daily AV rental applications and productions. It is also amongst the first LED displays on the market to boast a 7,680 Hz refresh rate, perfect for XR production thanks to its increased dynamic range. Theatrixx offers a well-rounded, complete solution for the x Vision Nomad range with a full line of matching flight cases, ground support, rigging accessories and power distribution solutions.

XVISION Nomad indoor 2.6 TPEP
  • Unique, proprietary TPEP (Titanium/Polymer Edge Protection) technology provided unparalleled module protection and durability.
  • High-endurance design built for demanding environments translates greater return on investment (ROI) than any other
    traditional fine-pitch LED technology.
  • Highest refresh rate of 7,680 Hz provides the greatest dynamic range and grayscale depth, especially at lower brightness settings.
  • Curvable at +/- 2.5 and 5 degrees using proven rotary angle hub
  • Rear serviceable, but can be converted to front service thanks to magnetic modules.
  • Monolithic, field-replaceable tile controller, including power supply and all tile electronics.
  • Calibration data stored on board modules.
  • Rugged yet lightweight aluminium chassis in industry-standard 500 x 500 mm dimensions.
  • Complete solution: High-quality flight cases, rigging accessories, ground support system, power distribution & cabling available from
  • Proven XVT connector system for power and data provide the greatest connection reliability on the market.

About TPEP technology

When it comes to fine pixel pitch LED in rental / pro AV applications, the biggest hurdle is no doubt the fragility of these products. Indeed, it is not uncommon for sub-4 mm inventories to suffer significant down-time, and consequently, require a higher percentage of spare equipment to be purchased and maintained. We believe that this is the single biggest barrier to adoption of fine pixel pitch LED in rental and pro AV environments, and this is why we created TPEP.

Theatrixx's exclusive TPEP has been developed from years of experience designing, manufacturing and servicing LED displays for the most demanding environments. It combines unmatched durability with ease of servicing, all while delivering the highest-quality images at a competitive price point.

  • Titanium-encased module protects against direct edge impacts the most common source of LED damage.¹
  • Liquid shader replaces traditional solid shaders, eliminating screws, brittle plastic, and providing a unencumbered, 170 degrees viewing angle.²
  • Easily serviceable with inexpensive specialised tooling.
  • Polymer compound provides mechanical bonding between pixels,
    without covering LED lenses or altering their colour spectrum.
  • Use of industry-standard LEDs mean all batch-matching and
    calibration methods can be seamless applied.




RGB SMD 1415 3-in-1

Packaging Manufacturer


Pixel Pitch

2.60 mm

LED Technology Type

TPEP (Titanium/Polymer Edge Protection)


Driving mode


Driver IC


Distribution Architecture

Common Anode

Grayscale Depth

16 bits

Refresh Rate

7,680 Hz

Video Frame Rate

60 Hz

LED Control System


Power Requirements

Max Power Consumption

200 W/panel

Average Power Consumption

90 W/panel

Input Voltage

100-240V, 50-60Hz auto-ranging


Module Resolution

96 x 96 px

Module Protection

Titanium edge around modules for total pixel protection

Panel Resolution

192 x 192 px

Panel Construction

Die-cast aluminium

Physical Specifications


500 mm


79 mm


500 mm


10.88 kg (24.00 lbs)


Electrical Safety

UL 60950-1:2007, CSA C22.2#60950-1:2007

Electro Magnetic Compliance

FCC Part 15 Class A, ICES-003/NMB-003 Class A


2 years



1,200 nits

Contrast Ratio



100,000 hours


> 20,000 hours

Horizontal Viewing Angle

170 degrees

Vertical Viewing Angle

170 degrees


Protection Rating


Operating Temperature

-30C @ +60C

Storage Temperature

-40C @ +70C

Relative Humidity

10-95% Non-condensing