AJA release HDR Image Analyzer v3.0 Update

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06 Dec

AJA release HDR Image Analyzer v3.0 Update

AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G v3.0 has arrived! This feature-packed update unlocks powerful workflow capabilities for the HDR monitoring and analysis tool.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G delivers a comprehensive array of tools for the effective analysis of a range of raster sizes and colour spaces, all in a compact 1RU form factor.

Developed in partnership with Colorfront, the AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G supports a wealth of inputs from camera Log formats to SDR (REC 709), PQ (ST 2084), and HLG and offers Wide Color Gamut (WCG) support for BT.2020 alongside traditional BT.709 and P3. AJA hardware prowess ensures high reliability and performance with 4x 12G-SDI bidirectional I/O, dual 10 GigE, and DisplayPort connections.

New for version 3.0 is simultaneous multi-channel 4K/HD analysis, Dolby Vision® dynamic metadata inspection and analysis for advanced HDR mastering and QC applications, support for IP video via full NDI signals, expanded 8K formats and ARRI LogC4 support.


AJA Image Analyzer 12G
  • HDR Waveform, Histogram, and Vectorscope Monitoring
  • Multi-channel signal analysis of up to 4x 4K/UltraHD HDR/WCG simultaneously via 4x 12G-SDI inputs
  • Single channel signal analysis of 8K/UltraHD2 HDR/WCG
  • Mix and match SDI and NDI signal monitoring and analysis
  • UltraHD UI for high resolution picture display including PQ support for HDR capable displays via integrated DisplayPort
  • Configurable layouts allow you to put the tool you need in the window you need it 
  • Support for display referred SDR (Rec.709), HDR ST 2084/PQ, and HLG analysis
  • Support for scene referred ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony camera colour spaces 
  • Dolby Vision dynamic metadata inspection and presentation
  • Precision CIE graph, vectorscope, waveform, and histogram support
  • False colour mode to easily spot out of gamut/out of brightness pixels 
  • NIT levels and audio phase metering
  • Line mode to focus a region of interest onto a single horizontal or vertical line
  • File base error logging with timecode
  • Scope LUT applies a 3D LUT to signal being analysed
  • Display LUT applies a 3D LUT to only the monitoring display
  • Three year warranty