AJA Release Firmware Update V4.0 for Ki Pro Go

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31 Mar

AJA Release Firmware Update V4.0 for Ki Pro Go

Ki Pro GO is a portable multi-channel H.264 recorder offering up to 4-channels of simultaneous HD and SD recording to off the shelf USB drives with redundant recording capabilities, and now with new v3.0 firmware, recording to network storage.

4x 3G-SDI and 4x HDMI digital video inputs with flexible channel assignments provides connections to the latest video sources, including cameras and DSLRs. Incoming video sources do not have to be genlocked due to Ki Pro GO's input frame syncs. Ki Pro GO also features AJA's high quality de-interlacers on each input so progressive recordings can be made from interlaced inputs. High quality 2-channel embedded audio or balanced XLR analog audio can be assigned to any recording channel. Multi-Channel Matrix Monitoring enables multiple video channels to be viewed on any single HDMI or SDI display, and Enhanced Super Out offers timecode, media status and audio meter overlays over the SDI and HDMI monitor outputs.

Designed to be either portable or rack mountable with half rack wide, 2RU high dimensions, Ki Pro GO is well suited for use in any environment.

Ki Pro Go Firmware V4.0 

AJA Ki Pro GO now supports playback of .mp4 files created with select 3rd-party apps via v4.0 firmware, including FCP, Premiere Pro, and Resolve.

Click here to download the update today to unlock this new functionality and more.

Key Features:

  • Multi-channel H.264 recording
  • 5x USB recording media ports, compatible with off-the-shelf USB 3.2 Gen 1 media
  • In system exFAT drive formatting 
  • Redundant recording to user selectable usb ports
  • Recording to network (SMB) storage
  • Redundant recording to user selectable destinations – USB or SMB 
  • Genlock free inputs
  • 4x 3G-SDI inputs
  • 4x 3G-SDI outputs
  • 1x 3G-SDI monitoring output
  • 4x HDMI inputs
  • 1x HDMI monitoring output
  • HDMI and SDI multi-channel matrix monitoring
  • HDMI and SDI Enhanced Super Out for monitoring: timecode, media status and audio levels
  • Playback files externally created in DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Single-channel H.264 playback
  • Selectable VBR recording settings with 5 options 
  • Timecode Input Support:
  • Time of Day
  • Timecode Value
  • SDI RP-188
  • LTC 
  • Available using 1-channel of Analog Audio In
  • Balanced XLR analog audio inputs, mic/line/48v switchable
  • 2-channel embedded audio per video input
  • Easy-to-use web UI, compatible with standard web browsers
  • Network web UI based file downloads 
  • Front panel button controls with integrated HD resolution screen
  • Stand-alone operation

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