AJA Releases FS-HDR Firmware Update v4.0

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08 Oct

AJA Releases FS-HDR Firmware Update v4.0

AJA Releases FS-HDR v4.0 Firmware - New TV-Mode, v1.4 BBC HLG LUTs and More!

High Performance Multi-Channel Video Encoding, Decoding and Transcoding for Live Video

AJA Video Systems has released free v4.0 firmware for the FS-HDR real-time HDR/WCG converter and frame synchroniser featuring a new Colorfront Engine™ TV Mode, v1.4 BBC HLG LUTs, and more.


The Colorfront Engine TV Mode provides new colour and camera correction essentials, adding Knee Point and Knee Slope controls to better manage highlights and roll-off in SDR and HLG conversions, greatly enhancing the image output. With this mode, more HLG image information is accessible for use in SDR down-conversions, and SDR expansion into HLG can be more thoughtfully managed. To protect the colour fidelity of SDR brand colours used in graphics or in-camera, SDR to HLG and HLG to SDR transforms facilitate seamless round-tripping. 

When looking at an HLG to SDR conversion, you can choose to leave the Engine in its default state. This follows the BT.2408 guidelines and the image looks great, as seen on the left, but it could look better. Anything above 203 Nits is clipped causing minor hue shifts and the area around the sun is too bright where detail is lost. Looking at the image on the right, this is the same HLG to SDR conversion but with the Knee Point and Knee Slope controls applied. As you can see, we have been able to use more of the data in the HLG image to make a stunning SDR image. We compressed the highlights in the bright areas where we were able to recover color and detail all-thewhile maintaining the artistic intent of the original image. This truly enables you to get more out of your HDR production and into your SDR deliverable.

For professionals looking to take advantage of the latest BBC HLG LUT improvements, FS-HDR v4.0 also includes new v1.4 BBC HLG LUTs and a new LUT 9 for HLG to SDR display-light conversions. Additional enhancements include support for a wider range of camera metadata management schemes to streamline the pass-through of camera and lens metadata through FS-HDR to downstream devices for on-set applications, and the ability to configure the HDR components of the SDI output VPID on a channel-by-channel basis, which has proven vital to workflows that require a consistent VPID.


FS-HDR v4.0 is now available as a free download from the AJA website.

Call us to arrange a demonstration on 01582 469555. 

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