AJA Releases Performance Updates

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05 Aug

AJA Releases Performance Updates

AJA Firmware Updates are now available for the 10 GigE IP Mini-Converter, U-TAP, Ki Pro Ultra 12G and Ki Pro Ultra Plus

AJA Video Systems

IP Mini-Converter v2.3

Free Firmware Update for AJA 10 GigE IP Mini-Converter Transmitters/Receivers.

New v2.3 firmware is now available for AJA's 10 GigE IP Mini-Converter transmitters and receivers. Available as a free download, the update adds a new frame sync feature to support synchronising unlocked sources with PTP for IPT-10G2 transmitters; new USB keyboard control for quick and easy preset recalls for IPR-10G2 and IPR-10G receivers, and support for NMOS 1.3 and LLDP for the full product lineup.

U-TAP v1.5.3 Update

Improved Performance for Streaming and Video Conferencing

AJA has released U-TAP v1.5.3, a free maintenance update with several key bug fixes for improved video streaming and video conferencing performance. U-TAP v1.5.3 software is available for download today for U-TAP SDI and U-TAP HDMI.

Mini-Config v2.25.1

Mini-Config v2.25.1 is available as a free download, featuring several key bug fixes and performance enhancements. Download the free software update from AJA's website.

Ki Pro Ultra 12G v1.1

AJA has released a free v1.1 firmware update for its Ki Pro Ultra 12G single channel Apple ProRes 4K/UltraHD recorder/player or 4-channel HD recorder. Available as a free download, Ki Pro Ultra 12G v1.1 introduces several key enhancements for improved performance. 

Ki Pro Ultra Plus v5.1

AJA has released new v5.1 firmware for its Ki Pro Ultra Plus multi-channel HD recorder or single channel 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD recorder/player. Available as a free download from AJA's support page, the update brings users several new improvements.

Ki Pro Ultra v3.4

Ki Pro Ultra v3.4 is available as a free update for all users. Download the maintenance update on AJA's website

For further information, visit our AJA product pages or contact