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AJA Collaborations Offer New Ways of Working

AJA has announced a range of collaborations that will offer production teams exciting new ways of working.

AJA Release Ki Pro Ultra 12G v2.5 Firmware

AJA have released new firmware for the Ki Pro Ultra 12G

AJA's Bryce Button Discusses BRIDGE LIVE Software Update on KitPlus TV

AJA's Bryce Button Discusses BRIDGE LIVE Software Update on KitPlus TV

AJA Releases BRIDGE LIVE v1.12 with New NDI® and HLS Compatibility

AJA Releases BRIDGE LIVE v1.12 with New NDI® and HLS Compatibility

AJA Spiritlands and ON AIR Take HRVY Fans “Behind Closed Doors” with Help from AJA BRIDGE LIVE

Event production has undergone a major transformation in the last year, as pandemic-era travel and venue capacity restrictions have challenged professionals to rethink traditional workflows.

AJA SYNC - Insights for professional video creatives podcast

AJA has launched new podcast series for professional video creatives

AJA Announces New openGear Fibre to 12G-SDI Converters

AJA announces new openGear® Fibre to 12G-SDI Converters

AJA Launch PAK Dock Pro, FS-HDR v4.1 and Mini-Config v2.26.2

AJA have released the PAK Dock Pro, FS-HDR v4.1, and Mini-Config v2.26.2

AJA - The Show Must Go On

This month's AV Magazine includes a special feature from AJA on remote broadcast solutions, "The Show Must Go On". Over the past 18 months video streaming has driven a global content boom, stepping in the…

AJA Launch KONA, Io and T-TAP Desktop Software v16.0.2

Desktop Software v16.0.2 is now available as a free maintenance update with performance enhancements for all KONA, Io and T-TAP devices
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