BirdDog Release Firmware Updates for 4k Family and Eyes Series

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17 Jun

BirdDog Release Firmware Updates for 4k Family and Eyes Series

BirdDog Release Firmware Updates Across 4K family and Eyes Series

BirdDog have released firmware updates across their 4K family and Eyes series including minis, studios, PTZ keyboards, P100, P200, A200 and A300 models.

Visit for full details and downloads.  Please ensure you read the release notes carefully before installing!

Highlights include: New 3.1v firmware for BirdDog Studio with substantial new features and enhancements making it more flexible.

Key improvements and feature additions for BirdDog Studio:

- NDI v4.1 support

o This version of firmware includes the latest NDI libraries allowing for greater compatibility, higher performance NDI source discovery and new network operating modes

o Supports NDI 4.x Discovery server for larger deployments

o Added MultiTCP support

- Updated Web UI

o Since there are many more options in v3.0 firmware, the Web UI has been updated to accommodate a drawer arrangement for the A/V Setup making it cleaner and easier to understand

o Dynamic feedback is now included in the WebUI where any setting is correctly reflected in the WebUI even after the unit is rebooted - New HDMI Input module

o The updated HDMI input module mates the BirdDog Studio 10x faster at connecting to and encoding HDMI sources, it responds immediately to HDMI signal loss and reconnection and is much more reliable when switching rapidly between different sources.

- HDMI Colour space selection

o Choose between YUV and RGB colour space on the HDMI output of BirdDog Studio (operational for both loop and decode operating modes)

- Selectable HDMI output behaviour o Select between HDMI loop out and NDI Decode

o readily accessible and allows remote troubleshooting

- NDI Failover

o You can now notify an NDI receiver what NDI source it should switch to in the event that the BirdDog source is no longer available

- NDI Decode performance improvements

o NDI decode has been improved to be line-based decoding, the net result is a 1 frame improvement in the latency of decode.

- NDI Decode Alpha channel support

o NDI Decode will now connect to NDI sources which include Alpha channel, you can select to either display the main Fill image or the Alpha decoded image on the HDMI output. - NDI Bandwidth management

o User-selectable NDI bandwidth target bitrate, this allows users to increase or decrease the amount of network bandwidth the BirdDog Studio uses, this is selectable between 80mbps and 180mbps

- Enhanced Tally support

o On-board Tally LED can be enabled or disabled independently of the HDMI output Tally borders.

- Custom Screensaver

o When BirdDog is set to decode mode and the desired NDI source is not available you are able to select between the unit displaying a Black image, the BirdDog default logo, or a custom logo which you can capture from any NDI source.

- Audio Gain adjustment

o User selectable gain for the headset microphone and speaker output, this allows support for many more devices for use with BirdDog Comms or for analogue audio output in Decode mode.

- RESTful API support

o Studio is now controllable from any device that allows RESTful commands, this allows for automation systems to take full control of the BirdDog Studio and retrieve system status information.

o More information on BirdDog RESTful API is available at

- Enhanced BirdDog Central Pro support

o Restart video is now supported within the Central Pro application, this will restart both the Encode and Decode engines on the BirdDog Studio, this is particularly useful for a BirdDog Studio that is not - BirdDog Comms Pro/Comms Lite 1.2 support

o This firmware supports the updated BirdDog Comms Pro and Comms Lite applications which offer significantly higher performance and useability. Comms software is available via a separate download, release notes of changes in this version are included in the download package.

Key improvements for P200 users - New firmware features:

- NDI 4.5 support

- OSD (On Screen Display) functions now available through the Web User Interface

- Under the hood performance enhancements

About BirdDog

BirdDog Australia Pty Ltd (BirdDog) was founded in 2016 with a mission to create the world’s best video over IP products and workflows. BirdDog developed embedded NDI® hardware and implemented into a range of high definition and 4K broadcast video converters, robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and a suite of software products to tie end to end workflows together. BirdDog products are available globally through a network of distributors and resellers and used by some of the biggest names in Broadcast, AV, House of Worship, Live Streaming, E-sports, and Education. BirdDog’s headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia with in-country presence in USA and UK. To learn more about BirdDog, please visit

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