AJA Video Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective digital video acquisition, interface, conversion and desktop solutions for professional broadcast, production and post-production. AJA simplifies professional digital video workflows with a line of award-winning products designed and manufactured in Grass Valley, California.

AJA ColorBox Distributed by DigiBox


AJA offers a broad range of products to assist in your colour workflow needs. From mobile, compact devices like ColorBox that offer a versatile way to add LUT based in-line transforms to the HDR Image Analyzer 12G which delivers a comprehensive array of tools for the effective analysis of the latest 4K/UltraHD HDR standards, over a single cable with 12G-SDI, there’s an AJA colour workflow tool for a wide range of production environments.

ki pro ultra


The Ki Pro family of digital file recorders and players cover a range of raster, codec and connectivity needs in different formats suited for the field, equipment rack or facility.



Simplify your live stream with AJA gear.

Whether handling streaming for Broadcast OTT, live events, sports, concerts, houses of worship, video conferencing or corporate events, AJA develops tools that make it easy to capture and stream video live to audiences on-site and around the world.

From HELO, AJA’s powerful H.264 streaming and recording stand-alone appliance to U-Tap devices that offer easy, cost effective and portable solutions for plug and play capture AJA make streaming easy.  

For the cutting edge of capture and output hardware available over Thunderbolt 3, check out the Io 4K Plus, offering a full set of professional video and audio connectivity with support for the latest 4K/UltraHD devices, High Frame Rate (HFR), High Dynamic Range (HDR) and deep colour workflows.



For critical broadcast and IP applications, AJA openGear compatible converter cards provide the highest levels of quality and reliability for use in openGear frames including the new AJA OG-X-FR. AJA offers cards for video and audio over IP, infrastructure, HDMI/SDI conversion, scan conversion, Fibre conversion and scaling. All AJA openGear cards are DashBoard software compatible, allowing easy configuration and control.

DashBoard Support with Smart Control

DashBoard is the one control system that unites openGear. DashBoard offers setup, real-time control, monitoring, and tools for creating customised workflow through CustomPanels. The optional Advanced Networking controller features DataSafe, which automatically saves and restores settings if a module is swapped.

openGear Compatibility

The openGear standard ensures that AJA cards will be compatible with other openGear products from certified openGear partners. With a growing list of products, openGear is the future of rackframe products.



FS-HDR, a 1RU, rackmount, universal converter/frame synchronizer, is designed specifically to meet the High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) needs of broadcast, OTT, production, post, and live event AV environments, where real time, low latency processing and color fidelity is required for 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD workflows. Developed in partnership with Colorfront, the FS-HDR’s HDR/WCG functionality is powered by Colorfront Engine™ proprietary video processing algorithms.


Mini Matrix

The 12G-AMA is a 4-channel analog audio embedder/disembedder Mini-Converter with support for 12G-SDI input and output up to 4K/UltraHD. Fiber models offer single link fiber I/O including LC and  ST options. 

Audio disembedding is always functional, providing four analog outputs. Audio embedding is user selectable, on a channel pair basis, to either pass 12G-SDI input audio or to embed input analog audio from the breakout cable. 

Analog audio levels are selectable. The 12G-AMA automatically detects and configures the input video standard.


Mobile IO

Explore AJA’s solutions for editing, color correction, streaming and much more in the field or flexible facility environments with the Io and T-Tap products.

As more and more editorial, graphics, vfx and colour work is being done on set and in the field, the ability to run full-featured software on laptop computers along with compact video and audio I/O solutions has rapidly increased. AJA Io products answer that call by providing desktop-level functionality in a portable form factor that's powerful enough to deliver in the edit suite, and sturdy enough to handle life in the field. AJA offers solutions encompassing Thunderbolt™ standards all the way up to Thunderbolt 3 with 12G-SDI and HDMI v2.0, as well as mobile USB 3 and PCIe devices.

Despite their small footprints, Io, T-TAP and U-TAP products are packed with comprehensive I/O options depending on model; including 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, 10 GigE, HDMI 2.0, S-video, remote control and audio connectivity. Whatever connectivity your workflow demands, there's an AJA mobile product to meet your needs.


Rovo Cam

The HDBaseT powered RovoCam is the ultimate choice for UltraHD/HD capture in a range of scenarios from Sports venues to live events, facilities and HOW use. HDBaseT allows PoE and the integration of video, audio and control over a single category cable. Remote control is possible with free RovoControl software for simple management and configuration of your RovoCamsetup. RovoRx-SDI and RovoRx-HDMI receivers support 6G-SDI and HDMI respectively for delivery of your video and audio to wherever needed.

AJA Frame Sync

Frame Sync

AJA’s FS range of 1RU frame synchronizers and multi-capable converters cover your needs from SD to 4K, 1 to 4 channels of HD support and advanced workflows including real-time HDR transforms, with the incredible FS-HDR.


Mini Converters

AJA’s Mini-Converters are well known worldwide for their reliability, robustness and power across a range of conversion needs.


Desktop IO

KONA cards support the broadest range of creative software for editorial, colour, mastering, HDR, dailies, live streaming, graphics, game capture and much more. KONA provides powerful I/O solutions for the most demanding tasks from 8K to 4K, Multi-Channel HD, HDR, Streaming and Broadcast IP.

KONA has incredibly wide application compatibility. Out-of-the-box, your AJA hardware and software supports Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Avid Media Composer and many more, via AJA’s Desktop software drivers and application plug-ins. Pick your application of choice and KONA connects it to your world.

All KONA cards feature on-board connectivity, allowing you to use the card without breakout cables or breakout boxes. KONA cards feature an included breakout cable, with an optional breakout box available on most models. From 12G-SDI and HDMI v2.0 to AES, Analog and RS-422 connectivity, KONA has you covered.


Rack Mount Frames and Cards

For critical broadcast applications, AJA R-series rackmount frames and converter cards provide the highest levels of quality and reliability in compact 1 or2RU frames.



KUMO routers provide a convenient dense routing solution in lightweight form factors for use in facilities, OB trucks, post suites and more. KUMO is available in multiple connector densities, in 3G-SDI and 12G-SDI options. KUMO is easy to update, configure, and control with optional Control Panels for quick physical access for source and destination routing, with convenient USB ports, plus all models offer integrated web browser access across a network over the built in Ethernet connections.

KUMO 1616-12G, KUMO 3232-12G and KUMO 6464-12G SDI routers enable 4K and UltraHD routing on a single BNC for rates up to 12G. With a simple setting change, KUMO routers can be configured for ganged dual and quad port routing, allowing users to group together multiple inputs and outputs for dual-link, 4K/UltraHD, and even 8K workflows. KUMO supports routing of uncompressed or raw 8K/4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD signals throughout a production or post facility, giving you the flexibility to route virtually any format.


Developer Cards

AJA’s Developer program allows partner companies to incorporate AJA products into their systems. By utilising existing, proven video I/O devices, partners leverage AJA’s expertise to develop and support these technologies, saving money and getting their integrated products to market more quickly.

From single channel I/O to multiple simultaneous I/O streams, broadcast IP, multichannel HDMI capture, optical fiber, or 12G-SDI I/O, there’s a Developer product to fit every need. AJA’s comprehensive SDK and development tools will help you integrate into any environment with support for Windows®, macOS® and Linux®. As a developer partner, you will have direct access to AJA’s technical support team, which is known throughout the industry for fast and effective response.

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