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AJA’s Developer program allows partner companies to incorporate AJA products into their systems. By utilising existing, proven video I/O devices, partners leverage AJA’s expertise to develop and support these technologies, saving money and getting their integrated products to market more quickly.

From single channel I/O to multiple simultaneous I/O streams, broadcast IP, multichannel HDMI capture, optical fiber, or 12G-SDI I/O, there’s a Developer product to fit every need. AJA’s comprehensive SDK and development tools will help you integrate into any environment with support for Windows®, macOS® and Linux®. As a developer partner, you will have direct access to AJA’s technical support team, which is known throughout the industry for fast and effective response.


Increase your video and audio I/O capacity with Corvid 44. Configure each SDI connection individually as input or output and mix formats for up to four HD or SD channels on a single card. As demand rises for higher resolutions, combine SDI connections into a single 4K/UltraHD channel, allowing incredible flexibility and futureproofing.


  • PCIe Express Gen 2.0 8-lane
  • Up to four independent* channels 3G, HD, SD-SDI I/O
  • All SD/HD/2K x 1080/4K video formats
  • 3G input/output for High Frame Rate (HFR) support
  • 8/10-bit YCbCr and 12- bit RGB frame buffer formats
  • 2 independent Mixer/Keyer widgets.
  • 4 independent 16-channel 48 kHz SDI embedded audio I/O engines
  • Analog Color Black or HD Tri-Level Sync
  • Three year warranty
  • Corvid 44 is now available in a Fanless version for sound sensitive environments. 

* Channels must use the same master clock. Eg, 29.97 and 59.94

Multi-Stream, Multi-Format PCIe I/O Card

Corvid 44 allows AJA Developer Partner applications to access up to four simultaneous input and output streams on a single PCIe card, making it perfect for a wide variety of medium density applications.  

Flexible Multi-Format I/O

Each BNC connection on Corvid 44 can be set programmatically as either an input or output and each can support a different video format, provided all format use the same clock timing. Connections can also be linked together to support dual link or 4K/UltraHD formats.

3 year warranty
AJA Corvid products are covered by a three year warranty. Please see the individual product manuals for additional specifics around warranty conditions for the product itself.