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Avid Artist I/O

Capture, monitor and output with ease

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Get Connected

Avid Artist I/O offers a wide range of analog and digital I/O to plugin to today's diverse media productions. Connect all of your gear - from 4K cameras, video decks, and UHD devices, to HDR and audio monitors, mics and switchers. Each interface provides a different complement of connectivity, which may include SDI, optical, HDMI, XLR, RS-422, component and other connections to tie together your studio. 

Future Proof Your Workflow

Avid Artist I/O interfaces offer extensive HD and high-res format support across four interfaces - Avid Artist | DNxIQ, Avid Artist | DNxIV, Avid Artist DNxIP and Avid Artist DNxID. This flexibility future-proofs your production, enabling you to work with today's high-res formats while supporting yesterday's lower ones. You can also work with 2K or 4K media and deliver in HD with the onboard real-time down converter, enabling you to transition to high-res at your own pace.

Have The Power You Need

The demands of 2K and 4K media can bring any video production to its knees, but not with Avid Artist I/O at the core. With high-speed Thunderbolt 3 connectivity available on all interfaces, you get the bandwidth you need - up to 40GB/s to ensure the smoothest performance and operation. No matter how hard you push it. 



Get super affordable, ultra-portable I/O

Avid Artist IO DNxIV


Get full 4K in a portable device

Avid Artist | IO DNxIP

Axle 2018

Work with high-res video over IP

Avid ArtistIO  DNxIQ


Get extensive connectivity and capabilities

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