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BirdDog Comms


In the fast-paced world of live production, every second count. By using a Window's touchscreen screen tablet the show director has complete lines of communication to the camera operators at their finger tips. 

Push to Talk

BirdDog Comms fully support PPT (Push to Talk) function. Simply push your call button on any BirdDog headset and talk to the group you have been set up in. It's really that easy. 

Cross Conversion

Intuitive group management ensures everyone is on the right channel. BirdDog Comms makes it super easy to set up the call groups for clear lines of communication. 

BirdDog Comms

BirdDog Comms is the World's First audiovisual comms system with full integration of all incoming camera video sources and crew talkback.

Comms configuration is simple and intuitive - load the application, connect to the network and go. BirdDogComms will run on any Windows 10 device including touchscreens. With its large preview window, you can easily monitor any camera source of the program output for your NDI switcher. Comms is also compatible with BMD adn AJA devices for output to an external video monitor. 

Birddog comms

Technical Specifications

  • System Requirements
    • BirdDog compatible NDI Encoder/Decoder
    • Windows 10 or above
    • Intel Core (R) series processor and above recommended
    • Toch enable device recommended
    • Option AJA output hardware for full-screen output

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