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The Media Conversion Platform

PixelStrings™ is a pay-as-you-go, Op-Ex SaaS (Software as a Service) that operates media conversion workflows in the cloud and on-premises. It is powered by the same industry-leading tools international studios, production companies, and broadcasters trust on their most valuable theatrical, broadcast, and OTT content.

Full-stack powerhouse:

Built for the new paradigm

  • On-prem or cloud next-gen workflows for next-gen business models

  • Simple pricing for OpEx-subscription and utility

  • Single-pass processing

  • Unlimited scaling power with back end logic

  • Bring your own storage

  • AWS / Azure-capable

  • Manage your users


In the cloud this powerful toolset of best-of-breed technology is supported by a fully scalable backend to crush any quantity of professional conversions; PixelStrings is the ultimate conversion swiss army knife. Whether you are an enterprise studio or an independent needing the job done in a coffee shop, PixelStrings is the one platform that can create all of the high-quality outputs you need.