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Founded in 2010, Kiloview is a professional hardware manufacturer, software developer and solution provider in the field of IP-based video transmission and management, with products across the range of video encoding, decoding, conversion, IP-based video switching and streaming.

Kiloview provides reliable, high quality video transmitting products, helping thousands of professional customers in Broadcast, Sports, Education, Medical, Security and Enterprise supporting a wide range of protocols including NDI, NDI|HX, SRT and RTMP.



Kiloview Cube X1 NDI Core


CUBE X1 NDI CORE is a lightweight version of the NDI CORE MAX.

The CUBE X1 is designed for unified scheduling, switching, distribution, and management of all NDI signals, supporting 16  channels of NDI inputs and 32 channels NDI outputs. It can achieve seamless switching of all NDI sources and switches without lagging or black screens.

Additionally, it is capable of non-multicast multiple distribution, multi-business grouping management and NDI signal rotation playback. It is also compatible with NDI signals of any format from any device, such as UHD/HD/NDI/NDI|HX and other NDI inputs for seamless docking.

Equipped with an LCD touch screen, the CUBE X1 allows users to monitor the network status, storage space and CPU occupation in real time.

Kiloview NDI Recorder


The CUBE R1 is an embedded device for multi-channel of NDI video recording. The device is the hardware version of the Kiloview NDI Recorder software and can record up to 9 channels of NDI, in any resolution, or format simultaneously with 1/4/9 grids of preview video in synchronisation.  

Equipped with dual hot-swappable SSD slots, the CUBE R1 supports non-stop recording. Both SFP and Ethernet connections allow for different network environments.

Recording file in the format of .mov, with fixed-size or fixed length, locally by SSD. 

CUBE R1 is a turnkey solution offering plug-and-play operation, it supports non-stop recording with with dual hot-swappable SSD slots. The design of the NVMe module on CUBE R1 can adapt to all the SSD types on the market. The safety lock switch ensures the whole process is safe and stable, and the USB-C interfaces can easily extend the recorded storage space. 

Kiloview LinkDeck


The Kiloview LinkDeck Series is an IP solution based on RTC technology designed to centrally link and control all Kiloview hardware and software including NDI ON AIR, NDI CORE, KIS, NDI RECORDER, NDI Encoder, NDI Decoder, Multiview, KiloLink Server.

It consists of five unique “Decks”; the Panel Deck, the Take Deck, the Zoom Deck, the KIS Deck, and the PTZ Deck. The decks can combine in any order to create an exclusive workbench with fully customised content, it’s easy to assemble offers an excellent user experience. 

Kiloview encoders


Kiloview offers video encoders for a wide range of workflows including full NDI, NDI HX, SRT and RTMP

Kiloview Decoders


Kiloview offers video decoders for a wide range of workflows including full NDI, NDI HX, SRT and RTMP

Kiloview converters


Kiloview converters include 12G SDI to 4K HDMI and NDI, click here to see the full range.

Kiloview Kilolink


KiloLink is a proprietary technology innovated by Kiloview designed to optimise media transmission by any Kiloview device using any available network links.

Based on RUDP (Reliable UDP) transmission technology and precise congestion control algorithms, KiloLink offers stable, efficient, and reliable conventional or multi-link bonding network transmission performing significantly better than the traditional TCP protocol.

KiloLink technology greatly improves the performance, security and reliability of data transmission. KiloLink’s multi-link aggregation can maximise the usable bandwidth in marginal 4G situations utilising multiple network links to ensure maximum performance with redundancy.

Kiloview Multiview Pro


Now available on macOS Multiview Pro is the upgraded professional version of Kiloview Multiview Player delivering centralised management of multiple NDI streams with monitoring and real-time switching.

It allows adding unlimited NDI sources for monitoring through on-premise NDI servers or Discovery Server.

Multiview Pro supports decoding multiple channels of Full NDI, NDI|HX2 & NDI|HX3 video streams from any vendor in resolutions up to 4K 60p to your display (Max 20 channels per window), PC HDMI port or via NDI.

Based on Web Technology, the brand new Multiview Pro is the only Multiviewer that can receive and output video sources virtually to achieve the functions of both server-based and cloud-based video monitoring and switching.

It allows any user on the same network access by scanning a QR code or via a browser URL, including mobile devices. It’s the perfect match for Kiloview's new Panel Deck.

With a newly designed UI, Multiview Pro offers flexible switching and production with fully customisable projects, programs, cameras, layouts, and more. Kiloview Multiview Pro can automatically discover NDI sources on your network with the integration of NDI Discovery server, alternatively users can add devices by IP address ensuring you don’t miss any NDI sources.

Download a trial version of the software today to discover the Kiloview Multiview Pro for yourself.



Kiloview MultiView player for NDI® is a multi-screen playback software for unlimited NDI® streams. Simply select any of the NDI sources in your network, up to 16 streams can be displayed in a single window for Multiview with any layout. MultiView Player is compatible with various NDI® High Bandwidth and NDI®|HX sources, both 4K and HD, and easily connects with your smartphones, computers, NDI®-enabled encoders, cameras, and production systems.

Kiloview Media Gateway


The Kiloview Cradle Series include 1RU or 3RU rack-mounted frame, which can be configured with 4 channels (1RU),16 channels/32 channels (3RU) codec modules of your choice. The cradle series comes complete with redundant power modules and centralised heat dissipation ensuring stable operation and longevity.

Kiloview NDI Range


Kiloview NDI video encoders can directly convert  SDI or HDMI signals to NDI and deliver ultra-low-latency transmission through WIFI (or ethernet) to various other NDI devices or software in the network for interconnecting, to reduce cabling and deployment time, perfect for studio and on-site multi-camera video production.

Kiloview NDI Core


NDI Core allows users to centralise, control, organise, route and manage NDI sources. 

There are three members in the NDI Core family: Basic, Pro, and customised hardware version. Basic and Pro are software versions which come with a 15 day free trial which can be deployed using docker, while the customised version is a hardware appliance designed for users who want a turnkey solution.



Kiloview's NDI Recorder is an independent recording system to ensure all your NDI sources are synchronised and recorded separately. 

The software allows you to reliably record up to 20 Full NDI or NDI|HX sources in 4K/HD resolution at your choice. 

The NDI Recorder offers auto-discovery of NDI sources in the same network, or any NDI sources in other networks using NDI Discovery Server.

Files are recorded in .mov format, with fixed-size or fixed length options available, locally by SSD, Thunderbolt or NAS.  

The NDI Recorder user interface has multiple viewing layouts available in 1/4/9/16/20 configurations, and it's possible to further customise the display by hiding preview images and the VU meter. A series of custom overlays are also available for each window; Audio levels, Tally status, Current Bitrate, Synchronisation Status, Source Names.

To add sources to the recorder, simply drag the automatically detected sources into the multi-screen layout, preview, and then click to record.

Kiloview Media Gateway


The Kiloview Media Gateway offers conversion, multichannel decoding, options for video recording and storage and can be used as a live streaming server.


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