Kiloview E3

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Flexible, Powerful, Professional: a new generation of video encoder

The Kiloview E3 is a new generation of video encoder which builds on the capabilities of the E1 and E2 models with new features, including:

  • Video input and loop through with HDMI (up to 4K P30) and 3G-SDI (up to 1080 P60)
  • Encodes both HDMI and 3G-SDI video by H.265 and H.264 simultaneously or alternatively a wide range of protocols including NDI|HX2 / NDI|HX3* / SRT / RTMP / RTSP / UDP/ HLS for either live production, post production, remote transmission, live streaming or recording. Simultaneous encoding resolution up to 1080p60 for both 3G-SDI and HDMI. If the HDMI resolution is 4Kp30, the video will be either down-scaled to 1080P60 for simultaneous encoding, or you can select either 3G-SDI or HDMI or a mix video with PIP or PBP layout.
  • With the up-to-date chipset and HEVC technology, the E3 supports streaming to 16 destinations with an adjustable bitrate up to 100Mbps simultaneously (8 destinations for the main-stream, 8 destinations for the sub-stream). 

*The NDI|HX3 feature is under development and will be confirmed when it has been certified by NDI.

Encodes HDMI & 3G-SDI Video Inputs

The Kiloview E3 will encode video sources from either 3G-SDI or HDMI, mixing both video sources into one output in PIP or PBP mode or even encoding video sources up to 1080p60 from both ports of HDMI and 3G-SDI simultaneously for high-quality live streaming.

Kiloview E3
Kiloview E3

Flexible Format Selection

For all IP-based video transmission processes, the E3 supports HEVC as well as H.264.

With support of HEVC, the E3 can maintain video image quality with lower bitrate, saving more than 50% of your bandwidth.

Kiloview E3

Compatible with All Protocols

Suitable for a broad range of applications, the Kiloview E3 supports a complete range of streaming protocols including NDI|HX3*/NDI|HX2/SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP*/RTSP/Onvif*. 

It can be used for live production with NDI|HX, remote production with SRT, live streaming with RTMP or HLS. *available in free future update.

Powerful Streaming Capabilities

The E3 input can be up to 4Kp30 from its HDMI port and up to 1080p60 from its 3G-SDI port.

With its powerful output capabilities, E3 can go live to up to 16 different platforms simultaneously by outputting to both the main stream (up to 8 channels in 1080p) and sub-stream (up to 8 channels in 720p) with an adjustable bitrate, the maximum bitrate can be up to 100Mbps.

Technical Specifications

Kiloview E3 Specifications