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NDI Core allows users to centralise, control, organise, route and manage NDI sources.

There are three members in the NDI Core family: Basic, Pro and a customised hardware version. Basic and Pro are software versions which come with a 15 day free trial which can be deployed using docker, while the customised version is a hardware appliance designed for users who want a turnkey solution.

NDI CORE supports various formats of NDI stream input, switch, copy and output, alongside server hot standby, self-customised polling, log and user management.   




NDI Signal Relay and Amplification

When you need to use the same NDI video source for multiple destinations, in some instances direct streaming may be impossible due to limitations of network bandwidth. With Kiloview NDI Core, based on powerful server performance, it can relay and amplify unlimited NDI signals and create as many NDI outputs as needed, or support any number of targets being connected to the same NDI output.

Note: NDI Core sets no limitations on the numbers of NDI signal inputs and outputs, the NDI signal processing capability is mainly related to the performance of your hardware server.


NDI Signal Seamless Switching

NDI signals can be discovered automatically or connected manually to the server, to ensure smooth and seamless switching, with no frame synchronisation device required. The signal switching delay at the switcher end is only about 1 frame.

High compatibility for unlimited NDI inputs of any format and any resolution

NDI Core is compatible with full NDI and NDI|HX, UHD and HD, with both horizontal and vertical video sources supported. It can be seamlessly connected with NDI conference cameras, NDI mobile phones/computers, NDI codecs, NDI production systems and other NDI-enabled software and hardware systems. Tally/PTZ/Metadata reverse transparent transmission.

NDI source switching automatically with playlist for single or loop playback

NDI Core supports NDI source polling or single loop playback. You can select any sources, dynamically set the playback sequences, duration and switch parameters of the NDI source to enable automatic NDI source switching for conferences, digital signage, etc.

NDI Core customised hardware option: turnkey hardware ready to use

The hardware version of Kiloview’s NDI Core offers reinforced frame design and dual power supply to ensure 24 hour operation of the device. 

With a water-cooled radiator ventilation mesh and high performance cooling fan the unit is designed to provide reliable long-term stable operation.

The hardware version of NDI Core also offers a warranty and Kiloview’s exceptional after sales service.