LMP produces the world's largest range of USB-C cables, adapters and docks for Mac, delivering innovative products and solutions for both home and professional Mac users.

Since its beginning in 2002, LMP has been committed in manufacturing and trading a broad variety of products for the Mac market. 

LMP bridge the gap that a professional or consumer alike will eventually experience when working with their Mac hardware. Be it building connections to peripheral systems and devices, powering the Mac and iOS gear, inputting and storing data, or simply replacing or augmenting parts of the Mac, LMP is committed to supply high-quality products that make the digital life easier. LMP products are engineered and tested to be fully compatible with macOS and iOS and their design and choice of materials correspond nicely with Mac hardware.



Mini Display Port, HDMI, USB-C, Adapters, Dongles, Cables and Essentials to keep you connected.


USB-C Hubs and Docks



Ergonomic aluminum table stand for 12" to 17" laptop.

Today’s notebooks are powerful enough to be used for almost any task. But working all day hunched over a notebook can be fatiguing and put strain on your back and neck muscles leading to pain. Instead of bending your head to meet the notebooks display, the LMP ProStand lifts the display up to eye level, thus transforming a mobile computer into a stable and ergonomic workstation.

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The ProStand is made out of durable anodized aluminum. Available in silver, space gray and black, it matches perfectly with today’s notebooks. It is a stylish stand for any 12" to 17" notebook, making your desktop look tidy. But the ProStand can do even more: High-precision slits have been crafted into the aluminum in 5 different positions. These slits can hold an LMP Attach Dock for ProStand (sold separately), or a USB-C dock that transforms your ProStand into a versatile docking station with several USB and video ports as well as a Gigabit Ethernet outlet.

  • Ergonomic working with any 12" to 17" laptop by bringing the display to eye level
  • Stylish laptop stand made out of anodized aluminum Keeps the workspace tidy
  • Available in three colors to match any laptop
  • Ready to be combined with the LMP Attach Dock for ProStand (sold separately)


With this versatile USB-C dock, the LMP ProStand is converted into a convenient docking station with seven ports. With its patented hooks, the Attach Dock is mounted within seconds to one of the five different places – left/right under the base plate, left/right on the rear plate or centered in the front.

The two specially designed USB-C connecting cables are easily plugged into the MacBook Pro’s Thunderbolt/USB-C ports, giving the dock its unrivaled versatility and power. Place your MacBook Pro onto the stand, connect the USB-C cables and you are ready to go with all peripherals waiting and ready.

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Three USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C power pass-trough port (Power Delivery) are now located within easy reach. The USB ports support data transfer up to 5 Gbps with the attached peripherals and have a power ouput of 1.5A and 2.0A (two ports sharing) respectively. So you not only exchange data back and forth with your MacBook Pro, but also can charge and sync your iPhone or iPad effectively.

Using a laptop stand most often means that a 2nd and larger monitor is in use. The Attach Dock features two of the most widely used video ports on its rear side. Through HDMI or Mini-DisplayPort, you get a resounding 4K@60 Hz resolution and refresh rate on the external display or TV.

And fast wired network connectivity is secured with the Gigabit Ethernet port, too. The pass-through power (Power Delivery) can be achieved by using the USB-C port so your MacBook Pro receives all the power from an external USB-C power supply (up to 85W).

With the LMP USB-C Attach Dock ProStand, you transform your laptop stand into a true docking station with the most widely used ports while your stand still looks as stylish and clean as ever.



  • Transforms the LMP ProStand into a USB-C docking station
  • Mounted within seconds in one of 5 different places
  • Specially designed rectangle USB-C plugs
  • Total of 7 ports - 4 in front and 3 on the rear side
  • Front ports: 3 USB 3.0 ports with 1.5A power output (x1) and 2.0A (shared over 2 ports) for data transfer and power output; USB-C for pass-through power (Power Delivery up to 85W)
  • Rear ports: HDMI & Mini-DisplayPort (up to 4K @ 60 Hz; only a single external monitor can be attached at the same time), Gigabit Ethernet
  • Dual USB-C connectivity for maximum power and highest resolution (bus-powered)
  • Available in silver and space gray

USB Keyboard

The LMP USB Keyboard KB-1243-SG is a cost-effective alternative to the Apple Magic Keyboard and can be connected to any Mac with a free USB port.

This robust USB keyboard in 3-zone layout with 110 keys (ISO) and a cover made of anodized aluminum has a numeric keypad which also has the “=” sign. This allows you to work quickly with numbers and in tables. The keys are laser engraved and therefore feel pleasant on the fingertips. They have a traditional key stroke. Even longer work is easy thanks to the high reactivity and precision. The elegant design integrates the keyboard seamlessly into any Mac environment.

The two USB 2.0 ports on the side of the keyboard allow convenient operation of USB devices with low power consumption (e.g. USB mouse or USB flash memory).
The LMP USB keyboard KB-1243-SG has Mac-typical special characters: Adjust brightness of screen; music on/pause, forward and backward; sound off, softer and louder; disc eject and mission control. Alternatively, you can work with the programmable function keys F1 to F19 instead of the special characters via a simple key combination.

KB-1243-SG can be connected to both older and current Mac with free USB port (from OS X 10.5 to 10.11, macOS 10.12 and higher).

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  • Wired USB keyboard for Mac with 110 keys (ISO)
  • 2x USB 2.0 hub for low-energy peripherals
  • Aluminum upper cover
  • Laser-engraved keycaps
  • Numeric keypad with “=” sign
  • For all Mac with USB port and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Keyboard Protectcase for Ipad 10.2"

The combination of a protective case with a Bluetooth keyboard has resulted in this stylish cover for the iPad 10.2″ (7th generation). It is for those that use the iPad as a working tool and want to protect it from accidental drops, spills, dust and scratches.

The LMP Keyboard ProtectCase features a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard in various layouts. It features a classic haptic feeling and overall typing experience that enables the writing of long text passages with ease. A full battery’s charge will hold for several months (based on 2 hours of daily activity).

The protective case comes with a magnetic closing flap that includes an elastic band to hold an electronic pen such as Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon or Adonit Note. The screen cover is magnetic as well and features an automatic wake and sleep function when opening or closing. So your iPad will never run while you are not using it.

A unique stand mechanism secures a firm stand in two different positions. The standard position is best for working with the keyboard while the flat position lets you enjoy video contents on your iPad.

Precision cutouts for all control units and a warm surface make it ideal to carry around.

The ProtectiveCase is made out of Polyurethane and conforms to RoHS and REACH. It protects your iPad and yet is not squandering space in your travel gear.

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  • Made for iPad 10.2" (7th generation)
  • Bluetooth keyboard integrated in a protective iPad case
  • 220 mAh li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Best protection from accidental drops, spills, and scratches
  • Unique and sturdy stand mechanism for firm stand in two positions
  • Elastic band to hold any writing gear such as Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon or Adonit Note
  • Magnetic flap to close the case firmly and secure the stand respectively
  • Sleep-on-close and Wake-on-open function thanks to the magnetic top cover
  • Precision cutouts for all control units