LMP produces the world's largest range of USB-C cables, adapters and docks for Mac, delivering innovative products and solutions for both home and professional Mac users.

Since its beginning in 2002, LMP has been committed in manufacturing and trading a broad variety of products for the Mac market.

LMP ProStand

LMP bridge the gap that a professional or consumer alike will eventually experience when working with their Mac hardware. Be it building connections to peripheral systems and devices, powering the Mac and iOS gear, inputting and storing data, or simply replacing or augmenting parts of the Mac, LMP is committed to supply high-quality products that make the digital life easier. LMP products are engineered and tested to be fully compatible with macOS and iOS and their design and choice of materials correspond nicely with Mac hardware.

LMP offer a free engraving service, ideal for schools and businesses in need of personalised devices, whether it’s to raise brand awareness, for security or for promotional purposes.

Whether you need individually named digipens, large font keyboards or docks with company logos, LMP's high quality laser engraving is produced in house and with a quick turnaround. 


LMP engraving
LMP engraving

Personalised products help advertise your school, organisation or event, as well as helping identify who the owner is.

Branded LMP products can give a unique and creative flair in corporate and educational settings. They will be used and showcased for months to come, can be tailored to your specific target market and allow your business’ creativity to shine.
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LMP DigiPen

LMP DigiPen 

The highly sensitive LMP DigiPen for Apple iPad offers a fluid writing experience that feels like the real thing, at a fraction of the cost of an Apple Pencil.

With free engraving on bulk orders the LMP DigiPen is perfect for education and corporate users.


USB-C Hubs and Docks



Today’s notebooks are powerful enough to be used for almost any task. But working all day hunched over a notebook can be fatiguing and put strain on your back and neck muscles leading to pain. LMP's range of laptop stands offer an erganomic, high precision and stylish alternative.  



Mini Display Port, HDMI, USB-C, Adapters, Dongles, Cables and Essentials to keep you connected.


Bluetooth and USB Keyboards

LMP keyboards are a cost effective alternative to Mac keyboards without compromise in design or performance. The keycaps are laser-engraved and have a traditional tactile feeling.


LMP iPad Cases

LMP iPad cases offer exceptional quality and design with precision cutouts for all control units.




The Mac mini are widely used as servers for a broad variaty of applications. As such, many Mac minis will do their duty in a 19″ rack. The LMP iRack 2 holds side-by-side one or two Mac mini (2018 or 2014 models) in a rugged 1U chassis.

The front panel features two USB ports for exchanging data with the Mac minis as well as two power on/off buttons so you can turn the minis on and off as you wish without having to unload them. Through the LED holes, you can see if the Mac mini is running. Vent holes on the bottom and rubber pads on the case bottom secure a constant airflow so the Mac mini will not overheat even when running in high gear. In the rear, all ports of the Mac mini are easily accessible.

With a height of 1U and a depth of 22 cm, the iRack 2 fits even in small racks. Optionally, slide rails can be mounted so the iRack 2 can be pulled out of the rack for a quick access to the Mac minis (P/N 20362 with 55 to 62 cm length and P/N 20363 with 66 to 73 cm length).

LMP Charging Pad


5W charging pad for KB-1843 keyboard or stand-alone

Keeping an eye on your iPhone while getting it charged at the same time? Wanting to get your AirPods ready for your workout after work?

The LMP Qi Pad let’s you charge your various wireless devices through your LMP USB-C Keyboard KB-1843. Simply dock it onto the KB-1843’s USB-C extension port and place your gear on the Qi Pad. It can be anything from your smartphone to your mouse – as long as it follows the Qi charging standard, you’ll get it charged while having it in your eyesight.

Should you not use the LMP USB-C Keyboard KB-1843, you can use the Qi Pad as stand-alone charging pad. The (male) USB-C plug is retractable so it won’t get in the way. Simply attach the provided USB-C charging cable to the Qi Pad’s USB-C (female) port and to any USB-C outlet. Whether it’s one of your Mac’s USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) or a USB-C power adapter’s port (Power Delivery), you have a handy 5W charging pad at your disposal.

The LED indicates when the Qi Pad is charging. Place the device onto the pad and check for the LED to turn blue (=charging). Various security measurements keep your wireless devices safe and sound (e.g. Foreign Object Detection (FOD) or Over Voltage Detection).

P/N 20407


  • Inductive charging according to Qi standard
  • To be used standalone Qi charging pad or attached to LMP KB-1843 keyboard
  • LED status indicator
  • USB-C charging port and rectractable USB-C plug
LMP Charging Pad
Easy mouse


Combine the magic of a straightforward design with the proven reliability of USB or USB-C and you get the LMP Easy Mouse. No need to charge any battery ever, no cursor lag whatsoever. With its traditional 2-button design and scroll wheel, the Easy Mouse is simple and perfect for daily use. 

LMP Easy mouse

P/N 20411

ProStand & Attach Dock Bundles 

LMP's ergonomic ProStand laptop stands and aluminium Vertical stands are the perfect partner for the USC-C Attach Dock to complete your insta-ready mac setup. Now is the perfect time to raise your working from home game!