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RGBlink Video Vault Explore our compliation of RGBlink mini+ and PTZ camera reviews, how to's and demo videos! The RGBlink mini+ is a compact streaming switcher with a 4x HDMI input mixer and USB 3.0 streaming output in H.265 encoding quality, featuring a Down Stream Keyer and PTZ control for UVC-based PTZ cameras. An easy to use switching device, the mini+ allows you to transition between any of the four HDMI inputs and output to both HDMI and the dedicated USB 3.0 output. RGBLink PTZ cameras are available as either 12x or 20x derivatives in NDI HX and IP models, with high speed optical zoom and excellent performance in low light conditions. The cameras offer white balance control, 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution up to 60 fps and both HDMI and SDI outputs.FEATURED REVIEWS & COMPARISONS@GEEKYNERDYTECHY INTRODUCES THE RGBLINK MINI+ SWITCHER VIDEO QUALITY COMPARISON BETWEEN RGBLINK MINI AND ATEM MINI @GEEKYNERDYTECHY COMPARES ATEM MINI, YOLOBOX, LIVEPRO AND RGBLINK MINI+ SWITCHERSRGBLINK - HOW TO? AJA PRODUCTS WON'T LET YOU DOWN Behind every AJA product is a passionate team committed to bringing professionals high quality gear that won’t disappoint in the field. An unwavering core value of the company is to offer quality products and a quality experience, providing kit that works when you need it to and that doesn’t let you down. AJA TEST EVERYTHING - TWICE Everything is tested twice before it leaves the AJA building which means that customers can install the kit with confidence, even more vital now teams and events are running with reduced crew numbers due to social distancing regulations. AJA SUPPORT IS LEGENDARY When you purchase a piece of AJA technology whether it’s a PCI card like the KONA 4 or a PCI product like the Io 4K plus, you’re buying much more than just hardware. AJA’s legendary support, software and warranty go hand in hand with their products. AJA's long warranty periods on products is testimony to the confidence they have in everything they manufacture. With limited amounts of crew allowed on set it's vital for production teams to be able to rely on their kit. AJA products offer peace of mind that your workflow won't let you down.RGBLINK MINI+ 4 CAMERA PTZ CONTROL DEMO RGBLINK MINI+ PICTURE IN PICTURE HOW TO CONFIGURE CHROMAKEY ON RGBLINK MINI+VIRTUAL SETS WITH RGBLINK MINI+ RGBLINK MINI+ SET HDMI OUTPUT PORT TO PREVIEW OR PROGRAM RGBLINK MINI+ MAC SOFTWARE INSTALLATION GUIDERGBLINK MINI+ DIMENSIONS & PORTSREAD THE LATEST RGBLINK NEWS FROM DIGIBOX TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT RGBLINK CALL 01582 469555 TO ARRANGE A DEMO            Mini Converters             Frame Sync             OpenGear             Routers - Kumo            Digital recorders - Ki Pro            Mobile IO            Desktop IO            HDR Analyzer            Streaming - Helo, Bridge Live            RovoCamWATCH THE VIDEO TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT AJA'S DEDICATED CREW AND THE PROCESS THAT GOES INTO DEVELOPING EACH PRODUCT IN GRASS VALLEYAJA MINI MATRIX MOBILE APPAJA Mini-Matrix is an interactive, searchable mobile app catalogue of AJA Video and Audio Converter products for anyone needing to convert between different video formats and connection types.  Designed to help you find the conversion solution you need as fast as possible, whether on set or active in the field, AJA Mini-Matrix's simple and powerful search tool gets you the answer you need. Search by name, input type, conversion type or output type or any combination. Search results can be saved to a favourites list for quick access at any time and the result of your choices can be emailed to your colleagues or explored further with direct links to product pages on the AJA website. DOWNLOAD THE AJA MINI MATRIX APP HEREAJA SFP CONFIGURATORSelect the SFP Module to accurately configure your AJA product The AJA SFP configurator is the fastest way to ensure that you accurately select the most appropriate SFP for your workflow needs for the appropriate AJA product you wish to integrate into your infrastructure. Simply select the AJA product from the drop down list above and make your selection of input and/or output slots that you wish to fill. The AJA SFP Configurator will automatically offer you the applicable compatible choices of AJA LC, SC, ST, CWDM or HD-BNC SFPs and wave lengths for the product you have selected. OPEN THE AJA SFP CONFIGURATOR HEREXDIP The AdderLink XDIP is a compact, easy to install, fanless HDMI, USB and Audio Extender, Switch or Matrix matrix that runs on a standard IP network. KVM Extenders The Adder KVM Range includes solutions for DVI, HDMI, VGA USB and legacy connections such as PS2 over CATx cable. Extenders Adder Extenders include solutions for Audio, Video or USB extension and are known for excellent signal quality, reliability and easy of use.USB Extenders ADDERLink USB Extenders focus on applications where only USB is required with support for any USB Peripheral on the Market.