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StreamVue offer easy to use, scalable and cost effective IPTV and digital signage systems suitable for a wide range of use cases, from single site offices, pubs, clubs and hotels up to bespoke enterprise level applications for large scale venues, stadiums and multi-site live broadcast and control. StreamVue has developed cloud and local management solutions that allow simple, user friendly control over thousands of end points. The StreamVue team take a personal interest in ensuring each installation delivers a bespoke solution for the customer. 

StreamVue has been entrusted with the IPTV and multimedia signage of some of the world’s most prestigious organisations and venues, including Ascot Racecourse in the UK, Perth Arena in Australia and Disney Italia in Milan. 

StreamVue Digital Signage and control
StreamVue Digital Signage and control
StreamVue Digital Signage and control

Master Your Content Creation & Distribution

  • Maximising how you capture, store and use content

  • Providing the flexibility to organise multiple sources of content

  • Powerful ability to schedule content to multiple screens

  • Take control of your system in a live and dynamic way

  • Clients can select, consume and view video at their request

  • Visualise and manage your network and screens

StreamVue is a a complete digital-signage IPTV solution. Content from a number of sources at near zero latency can be controlled to display wherever, whenever and however you want.

The capabilities of the StreamVue system are far more than just simple Digital Signage. StreamVue is the ultimate in Cloud driven IPTV, with the capabilities of a small studio being made available to your TV, desktop, tablet or smartphone.


StreamVue Digital Signage and control

Compatibility and infrastructure

StreamVue is managed entirely from the cloud. Industrial Grade rack mount servers running StreamVue's “Vivo” application software allow for ingest of Terrestrial Broadcast TV, Satellite channels or SDI/HDMI capture of live video that can be redistributed into named dedicated network streams.

StreamVue doesn’t just control the media you display, it controls the hardware you display it on.

Turn hardware on/off as per routine for opening and close respectively or manually from the portal.

Control volume to match the crowd. A busy match day or a professional event are no problem.

Tune in to the correct channel or control TV settings from inside the portal.

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