Introducing the world's first video converters truly designed for the road.  Theatrixx Technologies distributes and manufactures technical equipment to suit the needs of the performing arts industry.

Theatrixx Technologies' product lines are carefully selected based on rigorous criteria with regards to safety, reliability, sturdiness, quality of construction and manufacturers' solid reputation.

Theatrixx Technologies designs custom equipment that offers solutions to the video, lighting, audio, power and cabling challenges. Theatrixx in-house designers have extensive experience and understanding of the specific needs of the event business. They create innovative devices and systems that meet the highest standards and are built to withstand the daily hazards of life on the road and demanding installations. All products meet or exceed UL and CSA standards.

In addition, Theatrixx Technologies works in collaboration with its clients to develop solutions to their specific needs, producing prototypes and delivering a finished product within time sensitive schedule and on budget. 

Theatrixx Technologies; A key member of your Video, Lighting, Audio and Stage Design Team.

Theatrixx xVision Converters

See the Difference with xVision Converters. No need to gaffer tape converters and power bars to the back of monitors. With xVision converter clever magnetic stacking system, threaded clamp mount and strap hooks allow for many safe rigging configurations.

With a mess of cables PSU converters easily become disconnected or damaged while in use. With xVision converters you can magnetically stack neatly and discretely with industry standard PowerCON connection meaning those tangled nests of 12v PSUs are a thing of the past.


Theatrixx Reversible Converter

In a continuous effort to eradicate unprofessional wall-warts from our industry, the modular design of the Theatrixx Reversible Converter allows each system to be configured, and swiflty reconfigured, exactly as needed with a host of modules available, such as SDI, HDMI, Fiber, HDBaseT and more.

The Theatrixx Reversible Converter system is perfect for high-end installations, rental, touring, broadcast and any other application requiring a professional and reliable high-density video conversion/processing solution.
  • Self-enclosed conversion modules, no exposed PCB Spring-loaded contacts deliver power to modules - no cables or power strips!
  • Magnets ensure the modules stay securely in place and powered on, even with the door open
  • Reversible modules; you decide if the inputs should be at the front or the back!
  • Dual locking Neutrik PowerCON True1 mains input connectors
  • Shallow design can be placed behind processors, scalers or other devices to save rack space
  • Fully modular - mix and match signal converters, fiber, DAs, de-embedders, and more
  • The same processing quality and reliability you've come to expect from xVision Converters

xPressCue Instant Media Player

When it comes to media playback, most professional solutions available today are either laptop-based, or media-server based. This often comes with a steep learning curve and a range of reliability issues. The Instant Media Player is a hardware device that addresses the playback needs of the video, lighting and audio professionals and has currently no equivalent on the market. 

Theatrixx totem

Theatrixx Totem

Every detail of the Theatrixx Totem has been designed to ensure maximal impact and delivery of your message in a clear and appealing way.
The Theatrixx Totem is a standalone, fully autonomous digital signage display. It can be used either has a free-standing structure (with optional locking casters) or as a digital power installed to a wall or suspended from the ceiling in any orientation. Its direct-view LED display ensures readability even in bright environnements, and a strong plexiglass cover protects its surface against long term damage.

Each Totem can be connected to WiFi and loaded with new content with just a few clicks. A user-friendly PC application allows the management of your fleet of Totems on a local network, and creating new slides is as easy as designing a PowerPoint slide show. The software also provides detailed logging such as play counts, easily exportable to Excel. Totems can even be controlled from iOS or Android devices, and an optional, subscription-based cloud platform allows the handling of a larger fleet of device from anywhere in the world.



  • Multiple mounting options (free-standing, wheeled, wall hang, suspended)
  • Built-in power supply; single 120 VAC inlet
  • Fully autonomous professional digital signage player built in with scheduler
  • Auxiliary HDMI input for external video sources
  • Daisy-chainable; Connect up to 6 Totems together to create a perfectly synchronized display
  • Integrated remote monitoring, diagnostics and logging of both the display and the player

Supported playback formats

  • Images : JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, WEBP
  • Video : MPEG1/2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, MVC, H.265/HEVC, Google VP8, H.263, VC-1, MJPEG

DisplayPort to Quad SDI

While 4K video sources are well on their way to becoming commonplace in professional and consumer electronics, and 8K right is around the corner, there is still a fair amount of signal transport and display solutions utilizing Full-HD infrastructure. 3G-SDI is a proven, reliable transport medium and trusted by millions of users worldwide, and a staggering amount of displays and projectors are still being shipped with native Full-HD support. Meanwhile, 4K sources such as computers and media servers are readily available, and this often creates a case of wastage when the displays can't use the full pixel output of a source.

Introduction the Theatrixx DisplayPort to Quad-SDI converter - the ideal bridge between your 4K sources and Full-HD displays. It has been designed with a single function in mind : take a 4K50/60, DisplayPort 1.2 input signal, and slice it into four 1080p60 quadrants on 3G-SDI connectors. Featuring 4 processing channels in a compact 1U enclosure, the device is capable of taking 4x 4K60 DisplayPort inputs and delivering 16 full-HD, 1080p60 outputs simultaneously with zero configuration. Latency is kept to a minimum thanks to a simplified yet robust processing architecture. 

Each processing channel features a Gen-Lock input and loop thru for external synchronization, and the device is capable of generating a test pattern when no signal is applied to its input. The DisplayPort to Quad-SDI converter is future proof, enabling multiple channels to be synchronized together to handle combined resolutions of 8K, 16K, and more.

Theatrixx 2.6 xVision nomad indoor tpep

xVision Nomad 2.6 Indoor TPEP

The xVision Nomad is a true AV workhorse. Packed with features and housed in a rugged frame, it is the first xVision product to feature Theatrixx’s proprietary TPEP technology. This makes it extremely durable and ideal for daily AV rental applications and productions. It is also amongst the first LED displays on the market to boast a 7,680 Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for XR production thanks to its increased dynamic range. As always, Theatrixx offers a well-rounded, complete solution with a full line of matching flight cases, ground support, rigging accessories and power distribution solution.