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The NDI®|HX PTZ3 Camera is the very best and easiest way to acquire live video for input into any workflow and is the world’s first camera to offer NDI|HX3 – delivering low latency, all the while maintaining maximum quality at efficient bandwidth. The all-new PTZ3 offers professional XLR audio connectivity as well as tally, control, power, audio and video all using a single cable.

NDIHX3 PTZ3 camera

Key Features

  • Offers NDI|HX3 support
  • Support for sophisticated devices with Professional XLR audio connection
  • Available in black and white body colours
  • One ethernet cable for audio and video, PTZ control and tally
  • Compatible with NDI version 5
  • Smooth, motor-driven pan-tilt-zoom operation and movement between presets
  • Integrated and automatic tally support via NDI® Native support for HD video formats up to 1080p 60
ndi hx ptz 3 camera from Newtek

NDI, better. 

By simply appearing on the network automatically, NDI Cameras can be easily integrated into any workflow. The PTZ3 breaks the mould with the integration of NDI|HX3; giving the option to deliver low latency transmission with reduced bandwidth, while maintaining the visually lossless standards NDI users’ demand.

  • Latency under < 100ms*
  • Bit rate ~ 80Mbps
  • Built Into NDI5
*End to End latency measured from PTZ Camera through NDI Studio Monitor


NDI HX PTZ 3 camera from Newtek

Audio, better. 

Better than ever audio is now possible with the professional XLR audio input available in the NDI|HX PTZ3 Camera. Delivering clean, professional level audio directly from the camera into the NDI network, the XLR feature offers an array of connectivity options – all with a single connection.  

NewTek PTZ 3 camera

Connect, better. 

No other camera on the market offers this level of simplicity and control; eliminating the need for, and the increasing cost of, long cable runs, complex setups, and management time to maintain. The PTZ3 can be added into any workflow with a single ethernet cable for HD video up to 1080/60p, audio, PTZ presets and control, tally, and PoE.  

ndi hx ptz 3 camera from Newtek
NDI HX PTZ 3 camera from Newtek
NewTek PTZ 3 camera

PTZ, better.

Hard stop and stop movements during camera presets which create an inferior viewing experience are a thing of the past – the PTZ3 offers synchronised preset starts and a new motion algorithm that helps create a natural look and feel to any production.  That’s not all - the PTZ3 is also now available in both black and white body colours and includes ceiling and wall mounts, making it perfect for any setting including studios, hospitals, corporate meeting spaces or for live events.   


Vizrt NDI HX PTZ3 Specifications

PTZ3 specifications