Which TriCaster Mini is Right for You?

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26 Nov

Which TriCaster Mini is Right for You?

All TriCasters in the Mini range are easy to use, portable and perfect for content producers looking to raise production values and deliver professional video content, but how do you work out which one is for you? Take a look at our quick summary and comparison table below or get in touch with one of our technical sales team to find out whether the Mini Go, Mini X and Mini 4K fits your needs best.

Whichever model you choose, with NDI®, all TriCasters in the Mini range connect to a wide variety of Vizrt and third-party systems over IP like cameras, converters and custom software applications.

TriCaster® Mini Go

TriCaster Mini Go is Vizrt’s entry level TriCaster offering creators the simplest set-up yet with a wealth of professional level video production features. Built with NDI at its core, the Mini Go is an easy to use, scalable solution that can be simplified or expanded, as necessary; from using USB devices to simple converters.

Perfect for podcasters, gamers and streamers Mini Go offers 1080/60p video, advanced graphics capabilities using Live Link, virtual sets and real time social media publishing. Compatible with all major streaming platforms Mini Go has 4 inputs (IP/USB), 2 mix outputs, 2 MEs (mix/effect buses), 2 layers and 2 keyers. Mini Go does not support vertical 9 x 16 sessions, if you’re looking for vertical video we recommend the Mini X or Mini 4K.

TriCaster Mini Go

TriCaster® Mini X

Vizrt’s TriCaster Mini X builds on the features of the Mini Go offering increased functionality and quality, perfect for those wishing to raise their production values. Offering HD video switching, media playback, virtual sets, streaming and recording up to 2160p/30p the Mini X has built in live titling and motion graphics, as well as Live Link enabling users to pull web page elements into a productions without third party applications.

Compatible with all major streaming platforms Mini X has 8 external video inputs (IP/HDMI/USB), 4 mix outputs and 4 x MEs with 2 layers and keyers each.   

TriCaster Mini 4X

TriCaster® Mini 4K

Top of the Mini tree, Vizrt’s TriCaster Mini 4K offers all of the great features of the Mini X with added functionality to deliver an immersive viewing experience for programmes, performances, events and sports intermixing formats up to 4K UHD 60p and 3G 1080 60p resolutions. Use any combination of 8 external compatible IP video sources including cameras, mobile devices, Skype video calls, graphics computers, streaming media, audio/video files, and more to deliver high quality shows to screens and displays of any size or shape.

Mini 4K allows users to build, save and use macros to combine functions, create simple customised soft panels with LivePanel™ for remote productions and automate shows including switching and graphics using teleprompter control based on scripts with embedded commands using Live Story Creator. Compatible with all major streaming platforms Mini 4K offers 8 x total IP video inputs, 4 mix outputs, 4 x MEs with 2 layers and keyers each.   

TriCaster Mini 4K

TriCaster Mini Range Feature Comparison Table

Vizrt TriCaster Mini Comparison