Media teams work and collaborate more effectively with SNS ShareBrowser.

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05 Mar

Media teams work and collaborate more effectively with SNS ShareBrowser.

Media teams work and collaborate more effectively with ShareBrowser. Runs on macOS, Windows, and in your web browser.

Search, find, tag, comment, and preview… for the whole team.

If you would like to find out more about Sharebrowser call us on 01582 469555 for an online demonstration.


ShareBrowser enables your users to organise and search for media and projects across EVO storage as well as local, offline, and other SAN/NAS network disks.

Assets can be catalogued, tagged, and commented, so everyone on the team can easily find, preview, and share media and projects.

ShareBrowser is perfect for post-production teams that collaborate around a shared storage workflow, giving everyone a central, searchable database.

ShareBrowser shows you your storage workspaces in one spot — including cloud services like Dropbox, Hightail, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Search, Find, and Preview Your Media - Find What You Need

Everyone can easily search and find assets using tags, comments, and metadata such as name, codec, frame rate, modified date, resolution, and other file attributes.

Preview Your Media

Not sure if you’ve found the right clip? Preview media directly from ShareBrowser’s integrated player. Just press the spacebar to start playback of the proxy file, which is playable even if the original source media is offline.

No Additional Cost or Hardware

ShareBrowser’s server software runs right inside your EVO. All indexing (cataloguing) and proxy generation can be handled automatically inside EVO, meaning you don’t need additional server hardware to use ShareBrowser. Unlimited client licenses are included with EVO.

Adobe Premiere Panel

Now available as a panel directly within Adobe Premiere Pro.


Create your own custom fields

Custom metadata fields give you the power to structure and capture the most valuable information for your team.

You can use tags and comments, and you can also create fields for talent, clients, job types, directors, project numbers, and anything else that’s important to your organisation.

Export to Premiere, Resolve, and Final Cut Pro

Once you’ve found what you need you can export your media — with all the custom tags and comments — directly into Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or FCP X and browse by that custom metadata from within the NLE.

Project Locking & Collaboration

Collaborate Effectively — Automatic Project Locking and Avid Bin Locking

Features such as Avid Bin Locking and ShareBrowser’s ability to lock Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X projects mean your video editors won’t save over the top of each other.

Shared storage works best when it helps your NLE.

ShareBrowser enables native Media Composer bin locking, and also includes a customisable Automatic Project Locking system for other media applications.

When you lock a project you get full access; others have read access until you release the lock. If you need write access to a locked file, just send a request through ShareBrowser and the owner will be instantly notified. Active locks can be viewed from ShareBrowser, Finder, and Explorer.

Project Locking is available for After Effects, Photoshop, Pro Tools, and many others.

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