BirdDog Eyes P200

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11 Nov

BirdDog Eyes P200

The AJA Difference

AJA develops an extensive range of solutions for the professional video and audio market, from conversion devices to I/O solutions, digital recorders, cameras and more.

AJA are known for creating solutions and conversion devices for the professional media market including broadcast video, audio, film production and ProAV. They also create devices for desktop video I/Os, cameras and recorders.

So what is the AJA difference?

Behind every AJA product is a passionate team committed to bringing professionals high quality gear that won’t disappoint in the field. An unwavering core value of the company is to offer quality products and a quality experience, providing kit that works when you need it to and that doesn’t let you down.

Everything is tested twice before it leaves the AJA building which means that customers can install the kit with confidence, even more vital now teams and events are running with reduced crew numbers due to social distancing regulations.

When you purchase a piece of AJA technology whether it’s a PCI card like the KONA 4 or a PCI product like the Io 4K plus, you’re buy-in much more than just hardware. AJA’s legendary support, software and warranty, watch the video to find out  about AJA’s dedicated crew and the process that goes into developing each product in Grass Valley.