Business as Usual - DigiBox is here to help

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19 Mar

Business as Usual - DigiBox is here to help

Business as Usual - DigiBox are here to help

Over the past few days DigiBox has been making sure our staff can work safely and well from home, in order to continue supporting you and provide as close as possible to business as usual. DigiBox are fully operational and here to help.

Whilst we’re unable to visit you, we are happy to demonstrate our products by video chat, in fact many of our products lend themselves to remote applications.

Simple solutions, impressive results

Reliable, quality remote set ups don’t need to be complicated or expensive.  A lot of people have been asking about how to improve Microsoft Teams video calls, something that will improve their communications enormously over the coming weeks. 

To show how a few simple steps can make a big difference we recently set up a BirdDog P200, using the HDMI feed into an AJA U-TAP capturing device in order to run video conferencing meetings over Microsoft Teams.  Set up took a matter of minutes, and the results were impressive.

This solution works well with anything that can see a webcam; Teams, Zoom, Facebook Live, BlueJeans, Starleaf…


We are happy to work through any technical challenges you are facing with you, give us a call on 01582 469555 and our team will be happy to help.