Wohler to integrate MPEG-H Audio support into iAM-12G-SDI 4K Monitor

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13 Apr

Wohler to integrate MPEG-H Audio support into iAM-12G-SDI 4K Monitor

Wohler to integrate MPEG-H Audio support into iAM-12G-SDI 4K Monitor

At NAB 2023, Fraunhofer IIS and Wohler demonstrate the capabilities of the monitoring device at their booths C3926 and N3239.

The Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, primary developer of the next generation, immersive and personalised MPEG-H Audio system, and Wohler, supplier of monitoring solutions to the broadcast and streaming industry, partner to deliver MPEG-H Audio monitoring to broadcasters and streaming services.

The new version of the iAM-12G-SDI 4K Monitor will enable comprehensive quality control for MPEG-H Audio live production workflows with a wide range of features to monitor the technology’s advanced interactivity options. This will enable users to control the MPEG-H Audio Production Format in addition to traditional audio formats over its 12G-SDI, AES, and SFP inputs.

It provides operators with an easy and accessible way to quality-check all MPEG-H Audio interactivity options just before the final transmission. The intuitive visual display and graphical user interface of the iAM-12G-SDI are similar to those used by at-home-audiences to interact with MPEG-H Audio content. They allow operators to switch between various presets, enhance the dialog, and dynamically position audio objects in the three-dimensional space.

In addition to that, the enhanced functionality provides audio metadata monitoring options for loudness and dynamic range control. They also ensure that all audio objects and metadata are perfectly aligned with the video content on SDI. This is particularly useful for programming like live sports broadcast, where commentators as well as action sounds need to be perfectly positioned.

“Partnering with Wohler will soon enable broadcasters and service providers worldwide to check the quality of their next generation MPEG-H Audio productions in SDI-based workflows as well as in future ST 2110 IP-based infrastructures,” says Adrian Murtaza, Senior Manager, Technology and Standards at Fraunhofer IIS. “We are particularly pleased to deliver monitoring of the MPEG-H Audio system’s advanced personalisation options to a broad user base.”

“Wohler’s new relationship with Fraunhofer continues our tradition of developing innovative market-leading products.  Our exciting partnership has now brought to market the first ever MPEG-H immersive in-rack audio monitoring solution.  This is delivered as a software option for our flagship iAM-12G in-rack monitor, enabling our customers to monitor and analyse their MPEG-H productions,” says Makarand Karanjkar, CEO, Wohler Technologies Inc.