Wowza introduces the Clearcaster Pro

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01 Oct

Wowza introduces the Clearcaster Pro

Where reliable hardware encoding meets unmatched cloud control.

Introducing ClearCaster Pro: a brand-new standard for encoder management and event monitoring that brings streamlined control to broadcast workflows.

1. Deliver Powerful Control with Cloud-Based Workflow Management
Unlike traditional encoders that require local configuration and hold state, the ClearCaster Pro leverages the power of the cloud to enable real-time encoder command and control, preventing configuration issues while streamlining encoder setup and broadcast management. Administrators can build custom configuration templates, create streamlined broadcast workflows and tailor the web-based UI controls to meet the unique needs of their broadcast team.

2. Increase Overall Reliability With Adaptive Network Encoding
With its unique low-level network tracking metrics and diagnostics, users can enable the power of adaptive network encoding over RTMP to automatically recover from bandwidth issues. ClearCaster Pro will constantly monitor low-level network metrics and performance, while automatically decreasing video streaming bitrate in adverse network conditions — ensuring broadcasts maintain smooth, buffer-free playback for end users.

3. Ensure Confidence With Real-Time Health Monitoring
Collecting more than 100 stream health metrics in real time, event producers and streaming engineers can use the live and archived broadcast health metrics to quickly identify issues and maintain an audit trail over all broadcasts. From video source through first-mile network conditions, the ClearCaster Pro empowers users with data so issues are prevented before going live.

4. Streamline API Integrations
Using its centralized management API, the ClearCaster Pro empowers broadcasters and service providers to quickly build fully automated workflows. Broadcasters can use the API to automate regularly scheduled events or integrate encoder control into their existing production tools. Service providers can use the API to create plug-in-play user experiences that increase encoder reliability through workflow automation and reduce customer support time through improved health monitoring.

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