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DigiBox Blog - Working from Home

It feels like a long time since social distancing became part of our everyday language. Overnight we switched to video calls, moved the furniture around at home and spent our evenings doing online quizzes in…

AJA Ki Pro Go Multi-Channel H.264 Recorder In-depth Review

Ben Sherriff Reviews AJA Ki Pro Go Multi-Channel H.264 for KitPlus

Gefen - Better Ways to Collaborate

When it's time to go to work, Gefen has the tools to make your life easy.

Case Study - Church Streaming Solution Featured

Systems that distribute services and content internally within churches and externally to reach remote congregations are enabling 21st century accessibility to enhance traditional ways of working.

Working on the Home Front - AV Magazine

Working from home (WFH) is all the rage, but how can employers ensure their staff’s safety and their own security? Paul Bray asks how to make offices fit for purpose as staff find themselves in…

Seven steps to a Successful Remote Working Environment

A successful remote working environment needs to protect your employees, your data and your brand.

ADDERLink™ XDIP technology in Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds Interactive Theatre Experience

Using live actors, cutting-edge VR technology, augmented reality and holograms, visitors were guided through 25 themed areas of an immersive walkaround theatre set, with ADDERLink™ XDIP technology making the connection behind the scenes.

On-Set Social Distancing Using AJA Products

Andy Bellamy's Blog in Jon Fauer's Film and Digital Times Explores New, Safe Ways of Working with AJA Products

BirdDog Introduce the Flex Family

4K NDI in an incredibly small package. With 3 models to choose from in the Flex Family, Flex is perfect for all your NDI workflow needs.

Focus on BirdDog Software

From creating NDI Multiview streams in a matter of seconds to redefining the way we think about driving content to TV screens, BirdDog software will revolutionise your workflows.
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