DigiBox welcomes newly appointed EMA Sales Manager Chris Luff to SNS

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28 Nov

DigiBox welcomes newly appointed EMA Sales Manager Chris Luff to SNS

With the announcement that Chris Luff has joined St Louis-based Studio Network Solutions (SNS) as EMEA sales manager, we would like to welcome and congratulate him on his new position and express our excitement on developing a new, successful working relationship going forward.

Chris a long-time friend of DigiBox, and at one point competitor, has an extensive knowledge base in shared storage and workflow design for the post production, film and broadcast industries.

We recently caught up with Chris to find out what he’s been up to, and what his SNS plans entail.

“I’ve been in the industry for nearly 30 years and worked for a variety of companies. It’s true in most career decisions that the key to success is being a comfortable fit with both people and the corporate ethos. When those two aspects align, you get the best results out of both. I’ve always wanted to work with people that I not only have to do a job with but can socialise with outside the realms of an office, something that is challenging with larger, more traditional organisations. In SNS I have found this; a group of highly intelligent, innovative people who are willing to listen and share their knowledge.

"I’ve worked in virtually every link of the supply chain and made many friends and contacts over the last several decades, and it confirms my belief that people buy from people. I’ve always found that level of comfort with DigiBox. I’ve worked with and sometimes competed against DigiBox since the company’s beginning and it has always been a pleasure. And that pleasure is not just out of professional respect – they have some of the most outstanding brains in the business. With dogged determination to source and support the right technologies for their clients, we can be confident in trusting our brand with them."

Outside of work, Chris enjoys an active lifestyle with a passion for skiing, boxing and motorbikes. Hidden within the offices of DigiBox lurk people with the same passions, not only for the outside world activities but for the knowledge and understanding of the broadcast industry technology. The respect is mutually shared, and we very much look forward to providing that same determination and commitment to quality to Chris and the SNS team and its EMEA customers.

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