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21 Jul

Focus on BirdDog Software

From creating NDI Multiview streams in a matter of seconds to redefining the way we think about driving content to TV screens, BirdDog software will revolutionise your workflows.

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BirdDog Central is a software platform set to redefine the way we think about driving content to TV screens. By teaming up Central with any NDI® source, including all BirdDog hardware capable of creating NDI® sources, you can now drive your NDI® streams to any BirdDog Studio NDI or Mini to decode NDI® back to SDI or HDMI.

Three clicks. Send anywhere.

It’s really that easy to get NDI® content onto your screens. Simply select your source, select your destination, and click apply. Now you are sending your NDI® content to a single BirdDog hardware decoder or any of your groups anywhere on the network.

By grouping your BirdDog NDI® Decoders you can instantly drive content to multiple screens. Gang up 10, 20, or even hundreds of receivers and push the NDI® content to your group with just three clicks. With Central it’s so easy to create the groups, simply select any of the BirdDog receivers in your destination windows and assign to a group.

Any NDI® source. BirdDog plays nice.

Central will work with any full version NDI® source on your network, whether it is a feed from a live BirdDog PTZ Camera, a BirdDog Encoder, a file playing off a computer, or the output from an NDI® compatible switcher. Any of your NDI® sources will show up in Central and you can push that to your BirdDog Studio NDI or Mini and they’ll play nice and decode it back to baseband video for you.

Central is compatible with all BirdDog hardware generated NDI® sources including Studio NDI, Mini, and of course the ground-breaking PTZ Line. These will show up automatically in your source windows and you can then chose which destinations to send them to.




BirdDog Multiview - Create NDI Multiviews in second

NDI Multiview Pro - 6 NDI Multiview Outputs, 5 Layout Options, 1 Powerful Software App

NDI Multiview has been designed to be incredibly powerful and super intuitive to use. Create an NDI Multiview stream in a matter of seconds. Simply select the Multiview layout of your choice, select which NDI® source you want in each window, and select which overlays you wish to see. Toggle on the NDI® switch and you are sending a Multiview window out as a standard NDI® source.

NDI Multiview Pro supports up to 6 Multiview outputs and each can be independently configured with any of the 5 preset layouts. Choose between full screen, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and the traditional 2&8 (two large and eight small windows). With all NDI sources on your network automatically detected you can create your NDI Multiview outputs in an insanely short amount of time.

NDI Multiview Lite supports 6 outputs with a maximum layout of 2×2.


BirdDog Comms Pro - World’s Best NDI® Audio Intercom System 

Harnessing the true power of NDI®, BirdDog Comms Pro is the world’s first audio intercom system integrating live camera feeds.

Be in total control and see every angle of your live production with live video windows from every BirdDog NDI® enabled camera source.

Comms Pro has reimagined what an Audio Intercom system should look like. With video windows available for all the BirdDog Encoded NDI® Sources your director now has vision of all the cameras at their fingertips.

5 party lines. Talk to who you need.

Intuitive group management ensures everyone is on the right channel. Comms Pro makes it super easy to set up the call groups for clear lines of communication.

With support for Push To Talk (PTT), camera operators simply push the call button on any 4 Pole TRRS headset and talk to the group they are set up in. On the directors side, simply push any of the groups to talk to that group. It’s really that easy.

Every second counts in the fast paced world of live production. By using a Windows 10 Pro enabled touchscreen tablet the show director has direct lines of communication to the camera operators at their fingertips.

For more information about BirdDog products, NDI or software call us on +44 (0) 582 469555.

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