Introducing KiloLink Server Pro

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01 Jul

Introducing KiloLink Server Pro

Introducing KiloLink Server Pro - Seamless Management, Unlimited Streaming

KiloLink Server Pro is a dual purpose permanently free software platform offering centralised management of unlimited devices / video stream connections and management of Kiloview's bonding encoders.

With no subscription fees, KiloLink Server Pro can efficiently convert video signals from P-series wireless encoders into various protocols including SRT, NDI HX, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, HLS, and TS-UDP and directly output NDI HX streams (from the P3 & P3 mini), which guarantees high-quality, low latency transmission during the production process.

Integrated Bonding & Management Platform

KiloLink Server Pro perfectly integrates bonding with centralised management. Without installing any client software, it is compatible with mainstream browsers including Chrome, Edge and Safari enabling users to intuitively manage and view device status, configure device parameters, switch to device pages, monitor bonding link status, check streaming status, manage and upgrade firmware.

It supports the majority of Kiloview models, including P3/ P1/ P2/ E3/ RE-3/ N5/ N6/ D350/ D260/ E1/ E1-s/ E2/ RD350/ RD260/ RE-1 v2 (new)/ N30/ N40/ RE-3/ E1-s NDI and more. The Kiloview N50 and N60 are not currently supported.

Kilolink Server Pro

Advanced Algorithm and Multi-Link Bonding Transmission Capability

Utilising KiloLink’s patented bonding algorithm technology, KiloLink Server Pro delivers stable and reliable multi-link bonding transmission capabilities. It is capable of combining various network links, including 5G/4G cellular, WiFi, and Ethernet modules, through encryption algorithms to control Bandwidth Overlay, Automatic Load Balance and Dynamic Bitrate Adjustment. This ensures stable data transmission even in complex, variable or weak network environments. Additionally, users can customise the buffer time to ensure smooth live streaming without any stuttering issues.

High Quality Streaming, Supports Direct Output of NDI HX Streams

KiloLink Server Pro enables the seamless conversion of video signals captured by P-series wireless bonding encoders into various mainstream media protocols for live streaming, including SRT, NDI HX, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, HLS, and TS-UDP. From small to medium scale live streaming scenarios, a matching solution is always ready to meet the diversified needs.

KiloLink Server Pro supports direct connection to decoders, with direct output of NDI HX streams (for P3 & P3 mini only). Users do not need to purchase additional receiving servers, significantly reducing costs and simplifying workflow procedures.

Unlimited, Visualised Management/Simplified Deployment

KiloLink Server Pro provides management of unlimited number of devices. No matter how many devices or video sources you need to process, you can easily register them to your software platform to easily manage device status/ remote configuration/ model page switching, firmware upgrade and more.

KiloLink Server Pro has a simplified deployment process allowing users to complete the deployment on Linux with several commands. It supports Docker containerised deployment, so it can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. A deployment manual & video guide are provided, backed up by Kiloview’s experienced support team.

More Intuitive and Clear Management Interface

To enable users to manage device more clearly, the homepage of KiloLink Server Pro has been updated to allow for real-time monitoring of current CPU usage, RAM usage, and network status. At the same time, you can easily check online/ offline status of all devices and quickly identify any device abnormalities in the newly added “Alert” section, making it convenient for timely adjustments.

Firmware Management & Upgrade of Batch Upload

KiloLink Server Pro supports batch firmware uploads, automatically categorising them into corresponding device lists. Users can select the specific devices based on their needs for batch firmware upgrades. Centralised firmware upgrades optimise user experience, significantly saving updates time.

Ultra-low Resource Consumption for Stable System Operation

KiloLink Server Pro boasts exceptionally low CPU and RAM consumption during operation, making it suitable for deployment on ordinary VPS virtual servers. The system requires only one UDP service port and one HTTPS service port to be open for operation, ensuring straightforward network management. To achieve even higher performance and stability, we recommend a hardware configuration of a 4-core Intel Xeon Platinum 8255C processor, 1TB solid-state drive, and 8GB of RAM.

Forever Free

KiloLink Server Pro now offers permanent free usage rights, allowing you to experience all system features without restrictions. Whether you are an individual or an enterprise user, you can fully enjoy the convenience and efficiency of KiloLink Server Pro. Meanwhile, if you encounter any problems or need assistance, our technical support team is always here to help.