Streaming and IP Video Delivery

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30 Apr

Streaming and IP Video Delivery

Finding new ways to stream and deliver live video in 2020 has just found its way to the top of the to do list for many businesses.  

Whether it’s to stay connected with customers, employees or reinventing traditional broadcast contribution to enable journalists and presenters to work from home, effective and reliable live streaming solutions are worth their weight in gold when you’re socially distancing.    

Off the shelf web conferencing systems can be deployed quickly but typically offer lower quality and higher latency than our customers demand. Transporting content over the public internet is now significantly easier than it was but security is also a key consideration, with many businesses demanding secure, encrypted video transport. 

So what are the options?  From AJA’s powerful Helo to Wowza’s Streaming Engine, DigiBox have it covered.  

With so many products to choose from, if you’re unsure which solution is right for you, give us a call to talk about your application.

DigiBox team are available and happy to help with online demonstrations, webinars, or just some quick technical advice over the phone.  


HELO is AJA’s powerful H.264 streaming and recording stand-alone appliance. HELO brings both SDI and HDMI I/O into a single appliance with the ability to simultaneously stream out to your Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well as encode and record beautiful H.264 files to either SD, SDHC or SDXC cards, USB storage or NFS or CIFS mounted network based storage simultaneously. 



HELO offers both 3G-SDI and HDMI source inputs in a single device with the ability to encode up to 1080p 60 in beautiful and efficient H.264. Stream out to your CDN and record to SD, SDHC or SDXC cards, USB storage or NFS or CIFS mounted network based shares simultaneously. 


  • Portable, stand-alone 3G-SDI and HDMI source inputs 
  • Encode up to 1080p 60 in H.264/MPEG-4 
  • 2-Channel stereo audio encoded up to 24-bit 48kHz 
  • Data rates from 32kbps to 256kbps in MPEG-4 
  • Record to SD, SDHC or SDXC cards, USB storage, NFS, CIFS, or SMB 
  • USB Slot and SD card slot 
  • Video input and output 3G-SDI, SMPTE-259/292/296/424, 10-bit, Single Link 4:2:2, 4:4:4, BNC and HDMI 
  • Support for RTP/RTSP, RTMP, RTMPs, HLS, and Unicast 
  • AV Mute with user graphics upload support for pre-live feeds 
  • Error logging for quick analysis of streaming issues 
  • WebUI Regionalisation for Chinese, Japanese and Korean 
  • Web based GUI preview window 


U-TAP: USB 3.0 Connected SDI and HDMI Streaming and Capture 

AJA’s U-TAP HDMI and U-TAP SDI devices connect directly to Mac, Windows or Linux computers via USB 3.0, without requiring drivers. Streaming professionals simply plug into a computer, feed an HDMI or SDI output from a camera to the computer and stream using popular creative applications. Small enough to stash away in your pocket, the devices are ideal for remote production and support a wide range of uses from streaming to video conferencing and more. 

Key Features 
  • Compact and Portable
  • HDMI Model - HD/SD HDMI v1.4a 24, 30 or 36-bits/pixel, RGB or YUV
  • SDI Model - 3G-SDI, SMPTE-259/292/424 Looping Input
  • USB 3.0 connection to desktop or laptop
  • Bus Powered through USB 3.0 interface
  • Embedded Stereo Audio support
  • Supported by OS on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • 3 year warranty


KONA: PCIe Connected SDI and HDMI Streaming and Capture 

The KONA family of PCIe connected I/O and Capture cards deliver a complete range of connectivity from SD to 8K. KONA cards have multiple inputs ranging from HDMI to 12G-SDI, and with an appropriate workstation, two or more KONA cards can be used in conjunction to further increase the number of video sources. The pairing of KONA cards with switching software applications like Wirecast, vMix and other similar streaming applications provides full production switcher functionality for multi-source streaming. 



HDMI PCIe Capture Card for Multi-Channel HD or Single Channel UltraHD 

KONA HDMI is an 8-lane PCIe 2.0 multi-channel HDMI capture card, with all of the quality and flexibility you have come to expect from AJA.  

Designed for the demands of multiple workflows such as gaming, streaming, VJ-ing, live events switching, vlogging, VR, post and broadcast, this powerful card boasts support for dual channel capture up to 4K/UltraHD 60p or four channel capture up to 2K/HD 60p.  

KONA HDMI is also supported by both the AJA SDK as well as Video for Linux®, making it a perfect choice for developers of multichannel HDMI ingest, switching, monitoring and communication solutions. 



12G-SDI PCIe Capture Card for 8K/UltraHD2/4K/UltraHD/2K/HD 

KONA 5 is a powerful 12G-SDI 8-lane PCIe 3.0 video and audio desktop I/O card with unparalleled features for handling everything from SD to UltraHD2, 2K to 8K with full 10-bit 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 sampling for fantastic image clarity and 12-bit support*. Bi-directional 12G-SDI ports are perfect for switching between multiple sources for live streaming needs. For HDR workflows, KONA 5 supports HDR 10 and HLG* for rich colour delivery over HDMI. *Application Dependent 



HFR 50/60p 3G-SDI PCIe Capture Card for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD 

KONA 4 is a powerful 8-lane PCIe 2.0 video and audio desktop I/O card with unparalleled features for handling everything from SD to HD, 2K and 4K with full 10-bit 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 sampling for fantastic image clarity and 12-bit support*. Bi-directional 3G-SDI ports are perfect for switching between multiple HD sources for live streaming needs, or in combination can be used for a 4K/UltraHD stream. For HDR workflows, KONA 4 supports HDR 10 and HLG* for rich colour delivery over HDMI. *Application Dependent. 


Thunderbolt Connected SDI and HDMI Streaming and Capture 

Combined with Wirecast, vMix and other similar streaming applications, AJA’s portable Thunderbolt 3-equipped Io 4K Plus with bi-directional 12G-SDI ports and HDMI 2.0 I/O and Io 4K Thunderbolt 2 with 3G-SDI ports and HDMI audio/video I/O devices, offer powerful streaming setups for a range of applications with support for SD all the way to 4K/UltraHD for the highest end streamed imagery. Their multiple input options are ideal for switching between a range of sources for high quality switched streaming results. 



BirdDog Cloud 

BirdDog Cloud allows for remote production from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can instantly and remotely access any NDI enabled device over a secure connection. Cloud has complete integration with all the tools you need for a real-time remote production with support for NDI Tally, BirdDog Comms, and full PTZ control. 

Send NDI anywhere in the world with encrypted SRT. 

The SRT integration means that even over lossy connections you can access any NDI content anywhere in the world at ultra low latency. In practical terms, if you want to remotely produce a live stream in Norway from Melbourne, BirdDog Cloud makes it possible. 

BirdDog Cloud allows you to expand outside your local network to distribute your NDI content to anywhere in the world. Utilising SRT, Cloud has 128/256 bit AES encryption all way through the pipeline so you can send over the public internet with total peace of mind that your streams are secure. SRT video transport protocol also ensures reliable streams even over lossy networks. 

A scalable and modular platform means you only pay for what you need and with support for Tally, BirdDog Comms, and PTZ Control, Cloud integrates seamlessly with all BirdDog hardware and software solutions. 



Makito X4  BirdDog Cloud 

Makito X4 is a highly-secure, ultra low latency HEVC and H.264 video encoder, featuring exceptional video quality, next-gen performance, SRT streaming, and the highest available 4K UHD and HD encoding density. The Makito X4 is ideal for live broadcast contribution, remote production, enterprise, and defence applications. 

4K UHD and HD Video encoder for low latency, broadcast quality streaming 

The Makito X4 offers power, quality and flexibility for real-time HEVC/AVC video encoding in a compact appliance or rack-mountable blade. Designed for the most demanding live video applications, the Makito X4 can ingest full 4K UHD or up to four HD inputs with 10-bit pixel depth and 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. 

Extremely robust and always reliable, the Makito X4 offers 8 powerful encoding cores that can securely and simultaneously deliver low latency multi-bitrate streams over any IP network. And with native support for the SRT protocol, the Makito X4 is ideal for streaming over unpredictable networks such as the public internet. 



Haivision - KB Video Encoder and Transcoder Series  


The KB series of H.264 & HEVC Internet Media Encoders and Transcoders deliver high-quality video streaming for resolutions up to 4K, available as small form factor portable appliances as well as rack-mountable enterprise-grade servers. The KB Series provides you with multiple options for live event streaming, helping you deliver the highest quality live video to your global internet audience.  


The KB Series pairs seamlessly with cloud service providers, online video platforms and CDNs. Now Azure certified, KB helps users reach global internet audiences with Microsoft’s Azure Media Services. Depending on your broadcast needs, KB can be configured to send a single-bitrate or multi-bitrate stream to the cloud for distribution. 

KB also helps Workplace users make it easy to securely and reliably live stream meetings and presentations to all Workplace colleagues, wherever they may be located. Just plug in the live video feed, connect to the internet, and start streaming! 




Haivision SRT Gateway is a highly flexible and scalable broadcast solution for secure routing of live video streams across different types of IP networks. By serving as a network bridge and converting between protocols including SRT, SRT Gateway provides broadcasters with cost-effective live video streaming to one or multiple destinations for content production and distribution. 


Haivision SRT Gateway performs live video routing and protocol conversion in real-time to optimise your streams to specific networks without affecting video quality and latency. Designed to facilitate live streaming over complex video workflows including remote contribution, backhaul, return feeds, bi-directional interviews, and content distribution for international syndication and sharing with affiliates, SRT Gateway is available as a dedicated appliance or for deployment in the cloud. 


Adapt video streams from one network environment to another in real-time. Whether you are routing live content across a LAN, WAN, MPLS, the public internet, or any combination of network types, the Haivision SRT Gateway ensures secure and reliable streaming with native SRT protocol support for high quality and low latency video. 


As an essential component of your end-to-end video workflow, SRT Gateway gives you the flexibility to support different source and destination points over any type of network. Haivision SRT Gateway converts between protocols including SRT, MPEG Transport Stream over UDP (unicast and multicast), RTP, RTMP, RTSP, and HLS (output) protocols. 


Distributing live video to multiple destinations, such as broadcast affiliates or syndication rights holders, can only be achieved by meeting the specific streaming requirements of each end-point. Haivision SRT Gateway can replicate an incoming stream for 24/7 broadcast distribution as multiple outgoing streams, each configured to a specific protocol, in unicast or multicast mode, depending on the destination. 


IP firewalls block external access to a network and prevent video streams from being delivered from one location to another. A Haivision SRT Gateway can be configured anywhere so that behind the firewall devices can reach streams without breaching network security policies and minimising the need for IT intervention. 



Haivision Media Platform Enterprise

Live Video to All Employees - IPTV and Corporate Video Everywhere 

Manage and deliver live corporate content and broadcast IPTV to all your employees  

Keep your employees engaged and informed with broadcast-quality video for internal communications. With an intuitive and powerful video portal, Haivision Media Platform delivers both live and on-demand content as encrypted video streams to all authenticated employees, whereever they are. 

IPTV with Digital Signage 

Haivision Media Platform provides the tools to securely distribute IPTV channels, respecting regional-distribution policies, complete with customizable branded messaging and dynamic content to all managed screens. 

Centralised Management 

The Haivision Media Platform is the only enterprise video solution that gives you the tools to control content and manage all set-top boxes centrally. Flexible and granular controls make it easy to manage, schedule and distribute specific content on any managed display. 

Secure Content Distribution 

Designed for use in organisations with the most stringent security requirements, Haivision Media Platform integrates with your LDAP, Active Directory and Single Sign On (SSO) workflows, while adhering to STIG and NIST security frameworks. Furthermore, it protects content from unwanted viewing with AES encryption and content watermarking, providing the most secure platform for keeping your corporate content confidential. 

Scalable eCDN and Internet-Delivery 

Haivision Media Platform provides efficient distribution of live and on demand video across your multisite organisation’s LAN network through the use its enterprise content delivery network (eCDN). Powered by the Haivision Media Gateway, all your employees have behind-the-firewall access to high-quality video streams without overwhelming the corporate network. For employees outside the corporate network, leverage CDN-based delivery platforms with their player embedded directly in Haivision Media Platform, providing a unified, authenticated experience for accessing content, and efficient distribution based on viewer location. 

Remote Contribution 

To live stream your important corporate content with high-quality video, you need an external video encoder. Haivision offers a series of secure, easy-to-use, portable encoders that can power all your live events with pristine broadcast-quality HD video. 


Haivision provides a full suite of tools to securely stream high-quality live video to employees watching via Office 365 on laptops or mobile devices, or on common area screens powered by set-top boxes. 



Theatrixx Streaming Server 

The HDMI/SDI Video Converter Streaming Server from Theatrixx Technologies is well built and robust enough to be used on the road. It features an integrated power supply with a locking powerCON connector and a built-in mains outlet to power a nearby TV, laptop or small video projector. This converter has multiple mounting options including a C-clamp, wall-mount adapter, LCD mount adapter, and belt adapter. There is a built-in web server for configuration and control. This converter supports HDMI and 3G-SDI signals with a built-in scaling engine and a locking EtherCON connector for Ethernet connection. 

  • Effortlessly stream Full HD 1080p, H.264-encoded video to YouTube, Facebook Live, or any RSTP or RTMP destination 
  • Wide range of transport protocols supported 
  • HDMI input tested and compatible with Apple computers and iPad 
  • One-button operation after configuration with broadcast-grade operation keys directly on unit 
  • Built in web server for configuration and control 
  • Native support for HDMI and 3G-SDI signals with built-in scaling engine 

For more information on the Streaming Server or any other converters check out the Theatrixx range on our website



WOWZA Streaming Engine Video streaming on your own terms. 

Wowza Streaming Engine is a unified streaming media server software used live and on-demand video, audio, and rich Internet applications over IP networks to desktop, laptop, and tablet computers, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes, internet-connected TV sets, game consoles and other network-connected devices.  

Ingest Any Live Stream and Deliver to Any Device 

Ingest streams from any encoder and deliver video and audio streams to any player or device. 

Stream Live, Linear, and On-Demand Content 

Create live, linear, or on-demand streaming applications for live events, video conferencing, audio streaming, 24/7 streaming and more. 

Transcode for Optimal Viewer Experiences 

Refine your live streaming workflow by transcoding to deliver the highest quality streams. 

Programmable Architecture 

Leverage tools, APIs, and SDKs to automate workflows, accelerate your development cycle, and deliver innovative streaming services. 

Multi-Level Content Security 

Ensure your streams are protected with a wide variety of security measures. 
Optimised for scalability. 

Extensible Modular Architecture 

Deploy and modify your Streaming Engine instances to suit your needs. Add stand-alone instances, clusters, and edge servers. 

Automated Management and Monitoring 

Streaming Engine’s monitoring tools, APIs, and SNMP integration enable proactive load and performance management. 

Tightly Integrated With CDNs and Services 

Integrated with industry-leading CDNs and streaming services, including Wowza CDN, Akamai, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and more. 

Flexible Deployment Options 

Deploy on a private infrastructure, with your preferred cloud provider, or as a hybrid configuration to suit your current and future needs. 

Wowza Streaming Engine can stream to multiple types of playback clients and devices simultaneously, including the Adobe Flash player, Microsoft Silverlight player, Apple QuickTime Player and iOS devices, mobile phones, IPTV set-top boxes (Amino, Apple TV, Enseo, Fire TV, Roku, Streamit and others) and game consoles such as Wii, Xbox and PS4. 

Wowza Streaming Engine is compatible with standard streaming protocols. On the playout side, these include RTMP (and the variants RTMPS, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE), HDS, HLS, MPEG DASH, WebRTC, RTSP, Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-TS (unicast and multicast). On the live ingest side the server can ingest video and audio via RTP, RTSP, RTMP, MPEG-TS (unicast and multicast), ICY (SHOUTcast / Icecast) and WebRTC streams. 

It’s easy to install the Wowza Streaming Engine, check out their video blog for details


If you would like more information on any of these products, or general help with streaming and IP video delivery, give us a call or email