Gefen - AV over IP Solutions

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22 Feb

Gefen - AV over IP Solutions

The world is continuously becoming more reliant on networking to deliver everything in AV installations from control to content.

AV over IP is the next step in the revolution, integrating seamlessly into the IT world to provide solid, predictable AV performance that professionals require. Simply put, AV over IP is the transmission of audio, video and other signals over the internet (LAN or WAN networks). The Gefen® AV over IP product line is the most versatile AV and control signal distribution platform.

What Separates Gefen Products from the competition?

There are three major benefits to investing in Gefen products over the competition:

  • Quality - Gefen products maintain a high standard of quality, from the components that make up each product to the meticulous attention to detail provided in their software, firmware and support.
  • Reliability - As a counterpart to quality, Gefen strive to build products that will outlast the competition and and deliver years of reliable, daily use.
  • Technology - Always on the forefront, Gefen invest in signal management technology including category cable, IP networking, fibre optics and wireless.

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Key Features and Benefits

Gefen AV over IP solutions combine the most common and important aspects of signal management into a single product line of switching, splitting, extension, conversion and matrixing, offering:

  • Easy installation, setup and configuration
  • Exceptional 4k Ultra HD quality
  • Add receivers and senders of any size to a system at any time
  • Easy integration with all third-party control systems 

Find out about Gefen’s Conference room solutions that support simple connections allowing any team member, to bring any content, on any device, and share it on any screen in our recent blog post.

Explore the whole range of Gefen's solutions:

Gefen Syner-G™ Software's management features, enable performance and customisation not typically found in standard video distribution systems.

  • Automatically discover all supported Gefen products on your IP network, no matter how it's configured.
  • Remotely manage the network settings of your Gefen devices.
  • The Show Me feature makes finding any Gefen product in your rack a snap.
  • Change product settings on-the-fly without the need of an OSD or remote control.
  • The layout mirrors the OSD or WEB interface of a Gefen product to make settings discovery quick and easy.
  • Advanced configuration options are a click away with built-in shortcuts.

The Gefen AV over IP is the most versatile AV and control signal distribution platform that operates on a 1GB IP network. Supporting 4K Ultra HD with visually lossless compression technology and only 1-frame of latency, the Gefen AV over IP system delivers HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort™, and VGA up to 100m over a single CAT cable.

Ease of installation is a must, and with the Gefen Matrix Controller any AV over IP system can be installed in minutes without the need of any network qualifications. USB 2.0, IR, and RS-232 control signals are independently routable, making this the perfect solution for nearly any application. 

Gefen now provides a wide portfolio of solutions to upgrade systems to 4K Ultra HD resolutions. Whether it's a simple home theater or a large video distribution network, our products are designed for simple Plug-and-Play installation, while including the pro features you won't find elsewhere. HDMI is an excellent, uncompressed medium for delivery of 4K content suitable for a variety of environments. Upgrading systems to 4K provides massive benefits in picture resolution, and dramatically "ups" the visual impact to customers. Create striking digital signage displays, high-impact corporate presentations and more, with the help of Gefen's Ultra HD compatible products.


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HDBaseT™ delivers 4K Ultra HD, 1080p Full HD, and 3D uncompressed video over long distances much beyond the capability of conventional HDMI.

HDBaseT™ delivers 4K Ultra HD, 1080p Full HD, and 3D uncompressed video over long distances much beyond the capability of conventional HDMI. Since the video is passed through the HDMI chipset, HDBaseT™ supports all key HDMI 1.4 features, including CEC, EDID, and HDCP. The unique video-coding scheme ensures the highest video quality at zero latency. HDBaseT™ also supports up to 495 feet of extension (on select products), integrated RS-232, and power over the CAT-5 cable for compatible devices.

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