How can your team benefit from using EVO with DaVinci Resolve Studio?

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25 Jan

How can your team benefit from using EVO with DaVinci Resolve Studio?

Evo is a high performance, cost effective shared storage solution purpose built for creative media teams. 

It comes in multiple form factors and configurations to fit your needs including a speciality system called EVO DPX which is designed specifically to support multi-stream and high resolution files used in colour grading and VFX.

DaVinci Resolve Studio has a variety of workflow tools available to users, but EVO helps improve your teams workflow even further in resolve by hosting the resolve database on EVO for better project sharing, importing universal meta data from share browser, automating manual file transfers with slingshot and enabling remote workflows with Nomad.

Having a shared database is essential for Resolve’s collaboration features. By hosting the DaVinci Resolve’s QL data base on EVO, your editing team can access their work without duplicating and exporting projects for each user, this enables editors, colourists, VFX artists, animators and audio engineers to all work together simultaneously inside the same project

EVO includes a  built in media asset management system called Sharebrowser to help your team stay organised with universal metadata. You can search tag comment and preview your media in share browser and all of your metadata will come into resolve when you import your media.

Find out more about these powerful tools from SNS in this short video.

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