InAVate August 2023 - IBC Edition: Corporate Channels

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28 Jul

InAVate August 2023 - IBC Edition: Corporate Channels

This month’s special edition of InAVate magazine has landed with perfect timing for IBC, when everyone looks to the RAI to discover the latest tech advancements across the broadcast and ProAV world.

InAVate August 2023

In his article “Corporate Channels”, InAVate editor Paul Milligan looks at how video is a crucial communication tool for any enterprise, and a drive for better quality content is creating increased interest in broadcast tools. In discussion with a number of industry experts the article offers insight into how the journey to AV and Broadcast convergence is a two way street, with lessons to be learnt on both sides.

“If you’re demonstrating something video just works better, and live video makes people more engaged” explains Marc Risby, DigiBox CTO & MD. “You can record something and it might be something fairly un-dynamic, but if you do it properly and you treat it like a production, people will watch it, and will be more engaged with it. CEOs are getting more media training and senior people in organisations are realising that if they’re going to do this correctly, they need to prepare properly”. The good thing is that the cost of doing that is lower than it’s ever been, Risby adds. “This is one of those areas where it’s not expensive to do it right, you can look good on a budget.”

“Because costs are falling it means that broadcasting even at 4K quality is being democratised, and a company with 100 employees can compete with one with 10,000 in terms of video quality by buying the same kit”, says Milligan. “The differentiator, as Risby suggests, will be the level of thought and attention to detail behind the content.”

“The goal is to keep people’s eyes on the screen" adds Risby, "that’s why people are bringing interactive elements, a poll or a Q&A or curated questions, to make it slick and a bit more dynamic. People have a low tolerance for rubbish webinars, so don’t be crap.”