Discover the World of IP, NDI and SRT with Kiloview

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08 Jun

Discover the World of IP, NDI and SRT with Kiloview

Viz Virtual Studio Go

Viz Virtual Studio Go is the world's first fully equipped, ready to air AR Graphics and Virtual Studio in a box. Its simple design is purpose-built for corporate training and town halls, higher education instruction, small studios, and Visual Radio production.

It has everything you need, including a graphics server, PTZ UHD camera, a customisable AR graphic and virtual set scene, control surface, simplified lens calibration, and the connected workflows of NDI® to set up your virtual studio in no time.

Unbox, power-up, and go!

Vizrt virtual studio go

Tell a better, more engaging story with AR graphics

It’s all in the box and ready to go, including preconfigured hardware and software, pre calibrated lens, and with no initial cost for creating AR graphics or a virtual set scene (green screen), you save time, money, and you can use Viz Virtual Studio Go right away.

  • Purpose-built for Corporate training/town halls, higher education, small studios and visual radio
  • Fully designed and customisable AR graphic and virtual set sample scenes
  • Software and hardware preconfigured out-of-the-box
  • Customisable Viz Arc control surface
  • Pre-calibrated system including lens
  • Designed for the connected workflows of NDI
  • Viz University “How to get started” User’s Guide Tutorial Video
  • Pre-installed software with only three steps needed to deploy: cabling, hostname configuration, license activation
  • Vizrt 24/7 Support
Vizrt Virtual Studio Go

NDI® powered virtual graphics

NDI®, the versatile IP-video industry standard, is used natively to enable highly accurate synchronisation and fine control of tracked PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras. At the same time, the included Viz Arc® AR control panel gives visual storytellers unrivalled control and access to every XR element.

Powerful graphics

Viz Virtual Studio Go is born from Vizrt’s familiar, industry-defining Viz workflows, and built on the latest version of Viz Engine™ - powerful and versatile graphics platform. The customisable AR graphic and virtual set scene delivered with the solution, rendered by the Viz Engine Renderer, makes setting up a virtual studio simpler than ever.

Vizrt Virtual Studio Go
Vizrt Virtual Studio Go

Viz Arc – Maximise immersive storytelling from a single interface

The Viz Arc control application, which comes with the best colour difference keyer on the market, supports the Precision Keyer’s intelligent auto-adjustment feature, making Viz Virtual Studio Go easier to set up, deploy, and produce. Access and control all XR graphic content, customise colours and logos and easily position and control the PTZ3 UHD camera.

Vizrt Virtual Studio Go