Kiloview Launch Enhanced NDI Multiviewer

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30 Apr

Kiloview Launch Enhanced NDI Multiviewer

Kiloview have launched an enhanced version of their Multiview Player software for NDI® and NDI®|HX.

Kiloview MultiView player for NDI® is a multi-screen playback software for unlimited NDI® streams. Simply select any of the NDI sources in your network, up to 16 streams can be displayed in a single window for Multiview with any layout. MultiView Player is compatible with various NDI® High Bandwidth and NDI®|HX sources, both 4K and HD, and easily connects with your smartphones, computers, NDI®-enabled encoders, cameras, and production systems.

The software update v 0.6 includes a range of new features including:

Output NDI

Multiview can now directly output the freely laid-out multi-window video into NDI on the network. The update also now allows users to set the resolution and frame rate.

Control Your Player Anywhere

Multiview can run on a computer without a monitor. With a Web URL, you can manage your Multiview on any Web page; or simply Scan a QR code to manage it on any mobile phone or iPad.

Multi Windows, Multi Screens

Multiview allows you to switch videos among multiple screens, by cable or remotely. Users can send different videos from the main screen, or copy them to another screen with one click, manually or automatically. In addition, every single video can be output by NDI for transmission.

Flexible Audio Control

In a multi-window video, audio can be turned on/off, mixed, and output with NDI streams.

Perfect for the ProAV industry, the Kiloview Multiview player features easily managed Preview (PVW) and Program (PGM) modes, extensive customisation options for layouts with 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 screens, visual expansion with 9 split-image (16 image customisable) and tally light in connection with any NDI-enabled encoders.

The Multiview player also offer audio indicators, centre cross, safe area and smart border functionality.

For more information on Kiloview visit our product pages or contact  for a demo.