Kiloview Launch the U40

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26 Jan

Kiloview Launch the U40

AdderLink Infinity Range

High Performance IP KVM Powering Real-Time, Pixel Perfect, Control of Devices Anywhere on your Network, Anywhere in the World

Introducing the ADDERLink™ INFINITY Range

The multi award-winning ADDERLink INFINITY range gives your business infinite opportunities. It is designed to enhance your operational effectiveness, improve inter-team collaboration, streamline IT workflows, secure your network and so much more.

Trusted by organisations around the world, the ADDERLink INFINITY range can be used as a point-to-point extender, or as an IP KVM matrix utilising your existing IP network, to give thousands of users real-time access to their computers – no matter where they are based.

New to the range, offering enhanced flexibility and greater choice, discover the new ADDERLink® INFINITY 1100 Models specifically designed to address key customer requirements where only single-head KVM is needed to meet demand.

Adder Infinity

Set Your KVM Free With IP

The rise of IP around the world has accelerated technological change and growth - and KVM is no exception. With a proven track record of quality and reliability, and a level of flexibility that can only be dreamed of, IP can take your KVM network to new heights.

Virtually every corporate building is wired for IP so it has never been easier, or more cost-effective, for KVM users to upgrade their network.

Read on to find out what benefits IP KVM can deliver to your business.


Endless Scalability

With IP KVM, you can build a matrix of any size and scale. Connect multiple rooms, buildings, and campuses in the same location or across the globe.

Grow With Your Business

Scaling an IP KVM system is simple and cost-effective as the supporting infrastructure is already in place. You can grow a matrix in line with business needs.

High Quality Video

IP KVM allows you to connect, distribute and access pixel-perfect, lossless video from HD to 4K, and beyond, with one standard network protocol.

Utilise Your Existing Network

IP KVM uses standard IP protocols to ensure maximum compatibility, making it easy for IT departments to manage and maintain KVM as part of the organisation’s global IT infrastructure.

Future-Proof Connectivity

Using universal IP protocols makes it easy and cost-effective to scale a system. End points can be added to the network, without buying an expensive piece of proprietary hardware to enable the expansion.

Protect Your Network

An IP KVM system can be built with full network redundancy, with the data load balanced across two independent networks. Therefore, in the unlikely event of a network switch failure, you are less likely to experience a reduction in service.

Discover the ADDERLink INFINITY Range

Adderlink infinity range
Adderlink Infinity Range

Secure IP KVM

Data breaches can be internal or external, opportunistic or systematic. They can occur at almost any point in the data “pipeline”, so it is vital to secure this from end-to-end, including the data itself. The primary driver of KVM adoption is so often to bolster data security, so any successful KVM solution must be inherently secure itself, with logs, certificates, etc. that protect the data end-to-end.

The ADDERLink INFINITY range improves both physical and cyber security throughout the organization. By allowing the relocation critical computing resources into a secure server room, and limiting access to dedicated personnel, organizations can mitigate the physical risk of security breach.

The ADDERLink INFINITY platform utilises all universal security standards to prevent data security breaches while in-built security measures restrict and log access through layers of identification, user profiles and permissions.

Building an IP KVM Matrix