Many Heads Are Better Than One - AV Magazine

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04 Jan

Many Heads Are Better Than One - AV Magazine

The explosion in remote working hasn’t changed the need for people to collaborate, it’s just stretched the walls of the meeting room. In this month's AV Magazine Paul Bray discovers what’s required to enable teams to work together in the new normal, and how to make collaboration a success.

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If collaboration is the lifeblood of business, technology is the life support of collaboration, writes Paul Bray in this month's AV Magazine.

It provides the eyes and ears of teams who may no longer work in the same place, brainpower that helps them develop ideas together, and the collective memory that records the results.

The increasing use of video in collaboration means that it also needs serious consideration. “With your company data at stake, system security should be a paramount part of any solution,” says Marc Risby, Managing Director of DigiBox. “NDI, for example, makes it possible to send high-quality video over the public internet secured with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure your content remains private at all times.”

“With Microsoft Teams opening up to NDI it’s now possible to incorporate much higher quality sources, with reduced infrastructure costs. For industries where high-resolution communication is key, whether you’re a fashion house collaborating on a new collection or a car manufacturer training global staff on a new vehicle, this could be a game-changer.” 

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